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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You Tarzan.....Me Jane

Canyon Run
Mid way through my trip to LA I continued my exercising adventures out door with some canyon running  which was intense, up and down a path of about 3 inches wide with rough surface, uneven dusty ground, rocks and roots.  My knee did great, my health loved this dry heat and found myself super exhilarated.  Diet was hard to balance with frequency and type but I felt I came back fuller.  The shock of my twist in training also seems to have helped to further the LEAN but with a fuller body and less stress.
Once I hit the bottom of the canyon, before heading back up I decided to monkey about on the fallen trees!
Canyon Run

Climbing Trees

Of course the highlight of my trip......

Workout and Sightseeing
I spent some time doing the touristy thingy, kind of.  I went to train at LA Fitness......what a casino.....I don't know how anyone can train there.  No one puts weights away, there is an overload of members in there training at the same time, its just way to big for my britches.  Rather train with a band at my hotel but I did train there and had a hard time getting in my exercises efficiently due to curious spectators who wanted to kindly ask questions which I am very okay with!

 These pictures pretty much speak for themselves, a little bit of Hollywood BLVD.

Tigra and Purple Stain
Tigra, the lead singer for Purple Stain is also a talented specialist with nails and body.  She gave me my first manicure and it still looks amazing, although she may have created a monster because now I think I may do this regularly!!!!  I have always done my own nails but the pamper factor may have slightly sucked me in.
While she pampered my hands she invited me out to watch her on Monday night so I did!  I hit the House of Blues and caught some great shots of Tigra at her best!  The First few shots show a bit of the Parish Room where they performed.


 Thanks for a great time, great nails and the cool purple bead necklace!!!

Last Day
I went to a park and played.  It was a nice mellow way to catch some sun, contemplate my time away and watch the dogs play!  Monkey bars and swings can be a fun way to try new exercise ideas and play at the same time.
Thanks to Cindy Legare and her awesome Legare fitness clothes I was stylin in comfort!!

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