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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fitness Lemonade?

Fitness Lemons lately?

When you put together a plan for your eating and exercise or if someone does it for you, there will usually be changes as you go to make it fit better. I have covered this in my Awaken The Athlete blog and in the beginnings of this one too.

This can be frustrating. But it is part and parcel, very normal. Its not wrong, your not wrong, its just how things go with an ever rapidly evolving body.

I have had to work with forcing a meal down almost each day this week just to get food in. I know my issue is a bit outside of norm. Most people eat more crap foods or find hunger if they are not on a proper plan but my issue especially after the past few years of damage, is my appetite will shut right down as does the hunger, if I get stressed or upset and most times I keep it to myself, unless I lose it!!

Its been more work to balance the highs and lows of emotional well being after trauma but it is doable. I never used to be so easily triggered but until I am less easily affected I have been keeping to myself, work and healing time only.

Its been almost 7 days poor appetite and that’s an issue so if being reclusive for now is what it takes then so be it. Healing emotionally and mentally with my fitness is all hand in hand and will help each other along the way. If I lose one of these components the likely hood for success is decreased and it will take more time to reach my goals. That is fine if you have no deadlines or contest dates lol. I am seeing that this process will continue long after my comp. Living life robotically is not fullfilling but its how to get by when you rather just check out.

Normally dieting I do fine socially, no issues watching others eat what they please in front of me, the smells don't entice me so I do fine that way. Its just more about the fact that when you are out more in society of course there are more chances for triggers and for me it can be a sight, sound….no logic to others, nor their fault but its there so as I work on this I work on eating more normally. I dropped to 115lb after 2 days no food. I need that 5 back and just to lean a little more while I continue to fill in. That was around the 15th, now I am back up to 119. ;)))

I am feeling much more solid again which is a motivator. If I do see a friend or client and we hug, that is the comment I am getting a lot, 'your feeling solid'. Love it!! That’s a great sign.

This kind of 'throwing you off your game' crap happens to all of us and affects us in various ways but the general idea is it slows results, pushes our mindset back and can throw you right off the wagon.

Its about baby steps. So in my case now, when I had a lower frequency eating or intake day I seek protein, higher clean fats and a bit of carb with that one solo meal. The plan is to eat more frequently even if its small, that is best for my muscle vs the one off per day.

I may just need to adjust the menu a tad, finding it easier to eat the beans rather than the patty so replacing beans to that, as well as the chicken. Eating solid foods right now and swallowing has been my issue so until that settles I need plain, soft, liquid etc. Protein drinks can be yes or no, when I am sensitive like now they tend to come back up so no point. Part of my issue is if I force, nausea takes over and then I lose anything I have in me and can't eat for days after with no ability to force because its sensitive. Of course ideally my diet plan, followed to a T would be best but you do what you can when you have to deal with extenuating circumstances.

Hence the lemonade, when you get lemons………… but the idea is not to give up, keep the baby steps going, keep trying something new when the present or old does not work anymore or at that time. Change as needed, as you go.

That’s my update for now. For those of you following, if you are on a journey right now along with me I would love to hear about what yours is about and how its going!! 

If you are looking for some help, I have various options varying from super affordable to higher end custom, take a peek and let me know if you want to get on the fit train!

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