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Friday, July 22, 2011

Nationals here in Saskatchatoon.......

Anyone see the movie Grown Ups???? Saskatchatoon baby.......teehee. This is my first time here.

Well I am at Nationals, maybe did not place as high as I liked at the BCs but 3rd was what I needed at worst in order to be able to come compete for this show and 3rd is what I got!

I would never enter a fitness show thinking I need to get down to a 4% body-fat which is too lean for fitness and better for bodybuilding but that is what the BC judges went for so I will have to remember that if I have to do them again. I was peaking for tomorrow anyway but still could have come in a tad leaner for the BC show. I sit at 6% now which was my goal.

Normally I do things a bit different but working with Mike Davies has changed everything so I find myself going with the flow and seeing what this does for me compared to my prep. I normally would have been on some natural diuretics for like a month pre show but Mike is about hardness in the muscle and feels that minimal diuretics are the way to go. I was supposed to do 3 gallons water per day for the past 12 weeks but I have a small stomach capacity and my tummy is very sensitive so I have only been able to get a gallon down more or less so dropping water was not an issue but the fact that I have nothing to really drop means less of the water depletion effect which means I may look smooth or fuller and harder, lets see.
I would have been leaner but maybe more lanky and small had I done those natural diuretics my way pre show but may have also placed many factors.

I also never eat this much, I cannot even eat all the meals he has me on.....9 meals......lots of food and fish......I did however get up to 7 the past few weeks which has been amazing. Last year with the intestinal issues I had I was barely able to eat, and what I could eat was not beneficial toward my present fitness goals but what can you do? So I lost a year of growth and development but the diet for this comp has my health very happy. I only got a bit of guff when changing diets each month but otherwise my body loves this diet and my health is optimal on it - asthma, allergies and IBS all behave while on this diet.

I am happy with the healing my body experienced through this show prep. To have hunger and an appetite again after a year of not......and to be able to eat now, 7 meals is amazing. It took the 12 weeks though to slowly progress here.

The best thing is more about the support. I know what I am doing and know how to do all this myself and probably could have and done well as I have in the past, but to have someone on your side, who has interest in you doing well is huge for me and Mike although very busy and short on communication has been support.
We have not met and I have to keep reminding him of certain aspects of my limitations with diet etc, but between us it seems to be working well and with his help I think I can get some more size. I know I normally do not diet as hard nor eat as much as he has me. I did no water load and deplete, no carb load and deplete, and had things I normally cut close to show like can tuna, broccoli, its been interesting. I also never did as much cardio and weights etc, sauna....all kinds of new things which was interesting for me.

Nationals is tomorrow, meeting soon, not sure how many girls are in my height class yet but may get a better idea at the meeting.

One of my clients daughters gave me a super cute good luck charm and I LOVE IT!!!
Here is a pic of me in hotel, the view of downtown Saskatoon from my Hilton hotel and a pic of the cutest good luck charm which she made herself!! I think I am going to wear it for the bikini round, Thanks Jorga, you rock!
Wish me luck everyone, lots of talented athletes here this weekend!!!

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