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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a Weekend!

Well I did not drink, party and all that like some of you would think of as a great weekend......

I saved a bird, like above a sparrow, poor thing had yarn and stuff caught in his foot which caught on a low tree........lucky for him or he may be dead now if he was where no one could reach or see him.

WE have bird feeders and I love birds so they come around and like I said he was lucky he was in a lower was a neighbors actually so I went over and grabbed him.

I am used to holding birds since I had budgies as a child a lot........I had to break the branch, again lucky it was small and easy to snap cuz if I did not hold him he was going to rip his leg off trying to fly.......he was stuck upside down and fluttering which caught my eye.

I had to carefully cut the strands without cutting his toes, wings and lucky for me.........I should name this guy lucky, he did not fuss much. It was like he knew I was helping could have been female but a girl would not have gotten in that mess so I feel he was a boy.............anyway, once I cleared his feet of this messy stuff he either got caught on or stuff he was nesting with?.........I let him go, he went into my fig tree and was free. Not sure if he broke a toe but at least he is not crow or cat food now!

My suits are in, I can now fit them into the picture, dress rehearse today. If you don't come to watch the show then you have to wait until its all over and I post pics, then you can see the costume and bikini.

My tan is still not in, should be today! I am so proud of how I handled all the kinks, I just swept it off my shoulder......

Competing is all about how you handle the 'curves' thrown your way, cuz you know it never runs smooth, there is always stuff to blast through.
I have lost at shows where it all came together and won shows which just were hell to get to.......with injury and imperfection so I have learned that anything can happen with judging and not to sweat too much cuz in the end you could still win after injury, mistakes, malfunctions and still lose if you look the best, did the best and it all came together.

I am going to enjoy it, love my stuff (suits, routine, being fit, having a 6 pack, summer.....) and my process and whatever happens after that is out of my hands, I did the best I could at that time!
*This mentality has me in a great mood and ready to rock! And I love how my arms and abs look, and how my ass is half the size and how all that cellulite and jiggle is almost gone!

Dark of the Moon
On a fun note, I saw Transformers yesterday, Dark of the Moon...........I am a action movie junkie I love some of the actions that get bad expendables.....teehee, I liked it and can't wait for the second but anyway I LOOOOOOVED TRANSFORMERS!!!!! It was a bit more violent than I expected but I loved it!!!

I have seen them all, I love giant alien robots!!! I love the transformations and sounds and the 3D thing was actually really good! I can't wait to see it on blu ray. Theres this ferrari called Mirage and a corvette called Sideswipe from the second movie he is back...has a chopped top - literally, too friggen cool!!!!!! EYE CANDY!!!!! See pics below!!!

I love cars! Its just a car lovers drool fest! BIIIIG fan of Camaro, had one.......mine was purple back in the late 80s early 90s........custom paint.

I love the 69 SS but of course the new ones being so HOT ROD I love them! YES I love Bumblebee! See his pic below, love his yellow orange tinge!!!!

I really like the movie, story, locations but...........cmon, a victoria secret model for the main female star???????????? yikes. I like her better with wings on prancing down a runway in heels and underwear...........she sucked and luckily she was only a third or less of this movie.

I much prefered Megan Fox, she was hot and loved her tude, too bad her and M.Bay had a scrap and could not get over it, she would have made the movie a bit more complete in my eyes. She had a mix in the storyline, she was not just 'the girl'.......I was not even sure what she did as her job in this was strange.

The nascar type impala rocks, rolling around like a one man cool.......see him a few pics down.

I never caught the name of the Impala, but Mirage is the red Ferrari just beside.
Sideswipe, Mirage and Bumblebee..........I could dress my driveway with these babies!!!!!!

There was also a few fights this weekend, one being UFC 132 and there was a strikeforce and bellator and a kickbox tourny too.............we ended up (me n da old man) going to the casino to watch the fight. Nice long weekend to get out, and you can have some fun gambling the bux you would have spent buying the fight, mind you I watch the fight........gamble after or just let the old man do some roulette or keno or whatever......I want to watch the fight! It was good but glad I did not buy it, not worth the money to buy it, rather have a bit of fun and gamble that 70 bucks instead. I did not gamble tho, the old man did 20 bucks but we left after that.

I look forward to GSP Diaz and there is tentative on GSP Silva.....catchweight maybe?

Got into some M&M peanuts but just like 10, which satiates any cravings and hunger while you sit and watch for a few hours........not like I can just go order food, its crap food at this casino and even if I was not dieting, the food is not food I would ever eat except for like a bag of chips or something that they DO NOT cook there- the cooked food is crap, worse than chips.....

I had about 10 popcorn kernels too, on Sunday but again was sitting for a few hours and its not like i am going to carry my fish in and eat it in there or my egg whites stinking up the theater......they would kick me out!~

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