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Friday, July 1, 2011

Competition 2 Weeks AWAY!

Today was a grueller, an hour cardio, over an hour routine work to tweak out a few things and polish and then some weights. 3 hours later ready for a 1/2 apple and some nuts.
I still have a few wind sprints to do later on, but only 10 for .2 mi each which should only take 10-15 mins and won't be that bad, I like to run those about 10mph if I can and today its so crappy out so I don't want to do go outside to do it.....besides I love my evo smooth treadmill.

On The Pro Contest Front
Jodi Boam just got 3rd at the Toronto Pro which is great, she is the body I am working toward more or less.
It will be hard maintaining a smaller physique, my less masculine 'in my opinion' muscle than what you see in the pros- when they keep picking girls who are larger than what I want to be but seeing Jodi get third was promising!
Many of the other new pros were placed much lower and from what I can tell it seems to be related to muscle size. The thing is I prefer the muscle and look and softness that the new pros bring into the pro division so lets hope more of them saturate the pro shows and then we will see more girls like that in top placings. I think Jodi has a perfect fitness body, size, muscle, cut.....all of it but I would not want to be any bigger than what she is now so lets cheer her on to some first place wins as that would mean more girls with that look will be taking the top placings!
Here are a few snaps of routine practice.

So tomorrow I could have a cheat meal, I am debating if I should or not being its 2 weeks out. I am bang on ahead of the game and for my sensibility it would be good, for sanity right.......but its a scary thing to do at this point.
My readings are between 9-12 percent body fat as of last week, this week eeking toward the lower end although my readings are getting hard now, some days I get 4 notches on the accumeasure, other days just 1.....using umbilicus means I am grabbing water too, although not much water or fat to grab, abs are pretty tight right now. So I err on the higher end even if I am on the be safe. I know i am not TOO ripped, nor am I too soft at this point I think I am perfect other than that last 2-3% on the back of the thigh, saddle and tricep but its tiny and picky.
I still await my costume, bikini and tan stuff so I hope that mails catches up by Monday, today is a holiday here so I wait! Again am confident Amy got the fit right but if not I will have to be creative, if the bottoms are too short I need to wear shorts under, and if the top is not sufficient, same there too since I have no time to alter. I am pretty sure the suit will be fine, she made is based on my last suit.
I hope the Canada post workers have not been prancing around in my suit with some heels on back in their mail sorting........

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