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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Off to Nationals!

So I made 3rd place which of course its disappointing for me ESPECIALLY being the vet at the show with expectations on me but they went with a leaner gal for first and a more muscled gal for second, I was leaner than second so was hoping to take that spot but for that spot they went for a gal who was bigger than I and I fell into 3rd which is still qualification for Nationals.

I have always had a tough time to place first at the BC show but being I barely worked out last year and had crunched my training for this show in 12 weeks, dropping 20 lbs in the first 8 weeks I guess my body just could not come back enough to get the win - to suit the judges for what they wanted.

Congrats to the winner though, I know she worked very hard for 2 or more years now to get this and has changed her body over the past 2 years in leaps and came in with the leanness, muscle and veins they wanted. Her legs were the best I have ever seen and the muscle she put on is to die for!!

Unfortunately I did not peak for this show but will peak for Nationals. Will it be enough?
Hard to say, judging varies a bit from BC level to Canadian level in this line/federation and from year to year the Canadians seem to vary in the look they place first. Its a crap shoot so I am going for it and lets see how I do!

Nationals are here next year...............I have my eye on that NOW.

I am working with Mike Davies from Fitness Factory, he knows all the ins and outs about that level of comp, he is super familiar with the politics and has helped many girls go pro!
He helps run some of the pro shows and has the biggest client load of pro girls you have ever seen!! I have seen him do wonders with girls I competed against and watched them breeze by me, all having gone on to get pro.

We have a good formula between both our expertise's and have found a way to compliment each other toward my journey training to get this IFBB card. His ideas vary from mine which is good, doing my own stuff for 15 years my body needed a change in the formula.

I feel good about training a year toward next year and confident I can come in with an unstoppable package given a year to train consistently without being sick.........that was my downfall for this year, I was off so much last year sick and had trained less than half that year, maybe 3 months accumulated, on avg of working out, in total last year and you can see it in my body. Plus being an intestinal issue my nourishment was not optimal for contest prep, lean muscle etc. Essentially I think I looked the same more or less as 09 and I weigh the same.

I have never had a coach.......this is a good implementation for me.

Another factor which helped was the switch around at home, much more support this year, it was amazing how much more you can accomplish when you are NOT being sabotaged and fought at every turn. I mean all these years yes I won shows, did well, got pro cards but all with struggle, obstacles, stress, and discomfort making it hard to enjoy the journey or process.........this time was different.

With all these factors in play I am excited to look forward and stoked in anticipation of the new levels I can bring my body to with a bit more time..........if I did this in 12 weeks, imagine 52?

Now I am not resigned to any specific outcome for next week, just prepared for whatever the outcome.
Knowing I could look better does not make me too confident about taking a National level win although you never know with judging and what they are looking for so I am going to go and try it out for my 3rd go at Nationals since 2008.
In 09 they did go for girls with very similar bodies to mine and the leaner or bigger girls were not top 2 so I have to try even if I am not leaner or bigger!

Doing Nationals this year means I would want top 5 so that I can go back next year without qualification through BC again. If I skipped Nationals this year I could go next year, I have 2 years qualification to Nationals but if I go this year and don't make top 5.......back to BCs again next year to re qualify.

And that's the scoop!

Here is a rough vid of my routine, its not perfect, stage rust..........

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  1. btw, theres a police badge on my ass cheek, when I rip off the pocket, you cannot see it here in the vid.