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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Awaken The Athlete At Home DB Workout

Here is the AT Home Dumbbell Workout I promised.  I have short clips for you, a full video workout of this which you can follow along will be posted later on my youtube but for now you get some short clips to work with and learn from.

This workout is compact and efficient, combining muscle groups and exercises into a flow.
If you want to fat burn then do light weight, high reps and circuit this with a set per exercise then rest and repeat.

If you are going heavier for gains then do straight sets with rest between sets.

Start off with light dumbbells or none if you are a beginner, just so you can learn the exercise form.
You may not get full ranges at first but work up to that and especially keep it light in this case.   If you have, use a mirror to watch your form and correct.

Each picture will have the tips I want you to pay attention to.  The clip will show you a few reps in full.

DB Front Squat to overhead tricep press

  • Sit back, knees over ankles, drive up with chest, raise arms to tricep press keeping elbows over shoulder joints.  Retrurn and repeat.

Walk out to DB Row

  • Keep belly button pressed into the lower back, push through shoulders, try not to shift hips while changing arms.

Partial DB Curl to Side Delt

  • Keep elbows in front of hips, on hips for curl and forward of hips during lateral raise.  Take curl half way to a 90 degree bend in elbow then do lateral raise and return.

Knees and Toes Weighted Crunch

  • When you reach for toes you crunch but when you reach for knees you lift up higher to lower back.  Use control when you return, each one is half a rep, knees toes one, knees toes two.... use the weight to your advantage but don't throw or use much momentum.

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