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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Awaken The Athlete Fitness Competition 2016

Fitness Business
This week my posts slowed a bit because I have been busy progressing ahead with my studio transitioning it into a fresh new flow.
I have not forgotten the BB workout and I promise it will be posted, but gimme a few days to catch my tail!  LOL  I will try to post it next week with some recipes too!!

BodyCo East Van
On the home front, my gym is coming along and now I am looking at a second location in my hood which was always my goal since I first became a trainer.  Of course I would love to have one in LA too but hey, one step at time.  Owning a studio is all about business, not fitness or personal training so there has been a few bits of learning involved with me having only been a mobile independent trainer now since I began in 1994.
I only had me to worry about, now I have others to lead which is alike wrangling children at times.  LOL
I am so excited and will be looking at the East Van location next week.  You know I will post more once I am sure about the direction I will take with this but it seems a go and my business partner is pretty reliable.

I hope those of you following have been able to make some adjustments to fitness and nutrition at least, and the keeners well you would have been well into things by now with some results to show for it!!

My Fitness Update
I am happy to say my body is filling in better with the training, even so its been twice per week short hits of weights as outlined in the beginning of this series with 2-3 30-45 min spin sessions, varied in intensity.  Some days I went hard and other days I did less intense spin work.

I am hungry again, more often and can eat, more and more often.  That’s huge.  There is improvement in my tummy issues and there will be more, its not quite where I would like it.  Its taking time to properly process food again but after 3 years of abuse I can't expect a turn around in just days or weeks.

Water intake has been a total fail!  Back at it!!!!  I have not implemented supplements yet until the eating is in better consistency.  I still have days I am ruled by the tummy and days I can eat more like a competitor in the off season which is my goal.

Soon I am looking at pre comp prep.  I have 5 months to get it together to hit stage for Provincials beginning of July.
My focus is mainly going to be inner function and getting the lower body back to par.  Upper body is ok and fills in fast but the knee surgery atrophy takes a bit more work due to the coupling of conditioning that if not needed could be more focused time and strength toward size and sculpt rather than the rehab component.

My weight has finally hit 120 again, its been a couple years now since I saw that and its still low so I am still working on it.  I am quite lean so that won't be an issue pre comp, its more about filling in for me and symmetry now.  Being able to eat what I need at the frequency I need is the biggest component that needs focus, without that I will not look like I need for comp and could not perform as needed.

In one of the next posts I am going to bring up the subject of IBS, an elusive problem that has been misdiagnosed for years now and has finally been recognized with more attention.  I have been researching the FODMAP Diet and will talk more about that as well.  IBS sufferers do not follow the same issues or causes but there is a general overall feel for how this all works which I plan to get into.

Awaken the Competitor
Nationals will be here this year so I am very interested in getting first place and overall at the BC level which will give me a lifetime by into Nationals going forward.  This means I can do Nationals anytime I choose without pre qualifying.  That flexibility is my desire so that I can focus on local Nationals for the next few years without the hassle of travel to other parts of Canada especially East.  I do not like going East and the competition experience is much nicer when in your hometown with all the convenience making the registration and competition day easier on you with all the things you already have to balance and worry about.  Little details from color, to water retention and timing is all easier without travel, hotel and those little discomforts compared to being at home.  So here we go!

I was going to run this blog series for 12 weeks and am only halfway through.  Considering I am going to be competing in 5 months for BCs and mid Aug for Nationals, the prepping for this is going forward into March.  I am going to start my comp prep journey into a series itself in the Fitness area of my blog which means I will be ending this series Awaken The Athlete with this last post today.  I hope you follow along and join me for this journey and new series.

That’s is for now folks, have an amazing weekend, and all those Vancouverites, I'M BACK IN DA HOOD and ready to take on some new clients who are ready for some serious results!  I will be available in the North Vancouver Deep Cove studio as well as some days in Vancouver, East Van, Downtown area.  If you are outlying like Burnaby I am still within close reach and look forward to meeting you.  ;)))  Contact me if you wish to set up a consultation, if you are seeking training and nutrition locally or online and I will be happy to connect.

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