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Monday, February 8, 2016

Awaken The Athlete Change It Up

When is it time to Change It Up?
We should all be pretty much 80% on by now, getting workouts out in, tweaking the eating habits and some of you may be finding its time for some variety or a change up, others who eased in a bit more slowly will be hitting that point soon.  Exercise and attention to your food intake should be in your awareness now to some degree becoming habit and part of your lifestyle.

This week I am going to throw out a few cool workouts to show you some variety and choices you have both outside and inside the gym.  Tomorrow I am going to show you what you can do at home with minimal, affordable equipment.  This week I will also post a full TRX workout as well as a Barbell workout for you old skool hard cores!

As I had discussed briefly and very simply, plateaus are part of the game in fitness and health.  It shows you are progressing, with the body responding and adapting to the demands.  Nothing to be frustrated over even so you may feel stagnant at that moment, the key is that up to now you were gaining results and its time to implement further changes so that your body knows to get out of the maintain stage its in now and change again.  Celebrate this!

Nutrition for me has been some days on and other days whatever I can get down.  But along the way over the next few weeks I will show you some really cool foods, delicious fit recipes and more ideas you can add to your repertoire.  Most people are looking for healthy, affordable, fast, simple and lean menu options so I will focus on that and share more in that vein.

Not only do we need to change things up for ourselves physically but also mentally.  Most people, even the most complacent who can do the same program forever….. Get bored.  Stimulating the mind with some new shifts every few months continues your momentum forward.  It kills some of the sabotage avenues that can occur when your eating and exercise is left with no direction.

I like the TRX because its popular and trendy so people will use it and get motivated with it.  It can be used anywhere and was created for that.  You can go camping, be on a movie set working, at home or gym when you use this.  It’s a great add to your program and helps you work up to strong body weight exercises that you may be trying to master.  The suspension part is something you cannot get in most traditional exercise options.

Barbells are just plain fun, attractive to many and has been used to gain fitness results since the beginning of time.  Many feel motivated using barbells because it looks and feels strong, you attain joint conditioning that is fast and obvious.  Its also an old skool feel for those who grew up on the old Weider and Olympic or York 'at home' iron gyms.  You 80s kids will recognize these names, I bet you see it at yard sales all the time!  LOL

Bands, mats, balls and small dumbbells along with the popular Bosu can give you all you need if you are an 'at home' exerciser.  This is the only choice for many and it works.  I started my first 2 years at home before I felt comfortable to workout in a gym.  I got amazing gains and a competition body.

The body does not discriminate, you challenge it right and the results will come, its all about the science and knowing your body, not the toys.

Are you ready to try a few new things this week and maybe shock the body with a change up or active rest?  If you do my 3 workouts this week that would be like an active rest especially if its different than what you have been doing.  Are you game?

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