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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Entry, Music, Suit, Choreography

Well I'm pretty thrilled I got a lot of things taken care of regarding my fitness competition today.  I found an amazing suit, it's already made.
 I'm usually pretty good with fitting most suits that I bought online that I haven't tried out prior to buying, in the past.

I've got some of my routine costume but I have to get the rest of it together.  I am going to keep my theme and music a secret!
I've got pieces of my music ready to put together for a routine track.   This is the theme and music that excites me, that picks me up off the ground and just floats me around on stage giving me all the adrenaline that I need to perform at my best.
I've got some choreography ideas put together and my entry has been paid as well as my membership.  I expect to put off a show stopping performance by the time I'm done.

My goal is to take my present gaps and showcase my strengths, the skills, moves and dance that I can do with ease.  Stick with what I am really good at and the performance will outshine the rest!  I enjoy being standout and thats what it takes to win a Fitness Competition.

This is the show info if you want to come watch! 

I'm thrilled that this year the BC's are part of the big pro show and expo that will be taking place five minutes away from my home at the convention centre in downtown Vancouver.   Talk about ease.

The suit I found is a one-of-a-kind and amazing and will really stand out on stage but I think I will keep secret the color ;)))
The price was very affordable and the fact that it's already to go and I'll get it within a couple days is amazing.  Can you tell I'm getting excited?

The bulk of it is put together so now it's time to polish with practice and then execute and take home a win.

Being on top of all this means now I can simply focus on my diet and my training getting my performance dialed in and enjoy the ride.

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