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Monday, April 4, 2016

Feeling it out, the First Week Comp Prep

So far so good, my body is taking the jump into training very well.  I did not ease in so much, a lil yes but I did push it and my body took it happily.

Finally getting water in today, lets see if I make 2 gallons or how long it will take me to get to that.  It sounds like a crazy goal but its actually common, athletes take in a ton of water with the extra protein and supplements to keep up with the higher level of training frequency and intensity.

Training is lighter than I remember but not as light as I thought I would have to go.  The soreness and rebellion has been minimal, I can still walk lol.  That helps keep motivation going and eliminates disappointment.

With my studio I have to be creative and modify many of the exercises that I used to do with machines or apparatus.  I have posted one in my media about the T bar Row and will show you more ideas to modify when you are limited in equipment.  Here is the T bar row if you have not seen it.
It’s a great basic back exercise and old skool so this helps those who need to find a way to MacGyver a way to do T bar.

I had to modify my 21s as well since I do not have a formal preacher, but you can use a bench or ball and be creative.  Here is my version.

Cardio is going much better than I expected but after only 3 days training over 5 day span, I dropped 5 lbs.  I had appetite issues so I did eat off diet, has some very high calories foods to help avoid the weight loss but my metabolism is crazy high.  I am hoping with the water intake my muscles will fill better and I will show a few lbs back up again by next week.

Here is a video collage of a few of the exercises I have done mid way through my first week, for legs, back and shoulders.  I use a couple very creative exercises I learned from the competitor trainer guru Mike Davies within this clip.
You will see I have to modify leg curls to singles on cables for a machine type exercise.
Today is Arms and next will be Chest and Leg Shaping.  I will put together some footage and ideas together as I go along to share them with you


I hope to better settle into my diet plan over the next 2 days.  If I can get a bit more consistent with digestion then it won't be an issue but when dealing with IBS you have unexpected things to deal with last minute sometimes.

So by the time I finished working on this blog post this morning over a few hours between clients and training, I am 2 out of 8 of my shaker cup serving of water today.
YAY!!!  That’s probably more water than I have had over the past 3 years ;)))
I am stil finding it hard to eat as much or as frequently as I need but keeping at it!

Thank you for following my journey and your moral support, I hope along the way others will find some use of the bits of info I add and post to my blogs.

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