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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fit Tips & Comp Prep Update

 Fitness Competition Prep Update Week 2
I have not started taking serious comparisons pics in suit and heels but I can see the weight I gained back has filled me in a bit which is great, now a little leaning and more muscle build / fill as I go through the rest of the month.
I still can't eat all the menu items, its not a lot but I went 3 years fluctuating through weeks of not eating, poor eating, not eating enough, so now its still taking time for me to eat like I did before, on comp prep amounts and frequency.  This is what I see so far and this is why I tell people to take weekly pics, its very helpful:

  1. Slight lift in glutes already in a week just by using them!  
  2. Quads filling a bit and shaping nicely.
  3. I can see the right calve is behind
  4. I have to work on right side postural and tight areas to even out my posing, lats etc.  I have damage in my C3 area which causes my posing to be unsymmetrical and I have to work really hard to pose it out to look even.  Its been 3 years so I have to practice it to remember the feel when I have it set right, then I can catch that feel on stage when I do not have mirrors to help me level it out.  Lat spread is already tricky for most and I have the hang of it well, the pain for me is what feels right is off symmetrically, making one lat look bigger and shoulders sitting unevenly then showing unevenly.  Judging is all visual.

This week I have a mix of heavy and light shaping leg exercises, 3-6 sets of 6-20 on the various choices with typical exercises, most being old skool like leg press, curl, extension and squats.

Shoulders, Back, Arms then Chest and Leg shaping for the days following my Day 1 legs this week.  Reps and sets mostly on the 10-15 reps, 3-4 sets with a random few at 6x6 or 3x20.  Most are typical exercises this week.

Cardio again 4 days morning anaerobic type walks and runs mixed with jumps and plyos.  Spin 3 times per week mid day.  Routine choreography starts Tues so I will get 3-4 days of mild dancing and prep on tricks, not full out but a good workout.

Inner right knee does feel the work, slight rare soreness but so far so good, and I can split jump even so its not high and hovering yet.  The impact is being taken nicely.

I have been sore all over for the week and had to take a day off between the days this past week, hopefully this week its 5-6 days on with no more than a day or 2 rest between.  The soreness has been minimal compared to what I expected.  Water really helps alleviate the DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness.

Diet stays same for the month, as I had outlined last week and going well.  Got up to over a gallon water on a few days which came faster than I expected, YAY!!

The results for the this past week has been amazing, I am already SEEING the changes I am seeking and so happy my body is so willing and almost seems to want it!

Keeping the ego in check every time I have to lift lighter than what I used to lift, that has been humbling of course but now seeing great results softens that issue!

Choreography for my fitness routine starts next week and I am so excited.  I love this part, love the dance and skills involved as well as how it focuses the strength of the competitor!

Costume and bikini I am still not on yet, I have a few old ones I can use but would love a new one.  Still debating on this one.  I  know my theme and music so the costume will be easy and convenient for cost, wear, comfort and functionality.  Im setting  up my music mix this week to start choreography on Tuesday.  Today I started week 2 and needed extra rest days last week to recover but that will subside by the next week or 2.

The bikini Im not sure what I want to do, what color, fabric, design.  I usually know what I want but I am still thinking on it….  But open to ideas!  Open to bikini sponsors too ;)))

Whenever I begin comp prep I noticed it seems to pick up the energy of those around me, clients and gym participants seem to pick up on the drive and energy, get positive and supportive, motivated and driven themselves more so than usual.  I love this part, love the wave or positive health energy and push it gives those around it.  The better weather is also a huge factor pushing people back to being up early, getting out, training so that they can enjoy summer and feel fit with energy.

Tips For the Week

In keeping on the beginning stages theme, motivation, water, consistency is your key for the first weeks and here are some of the things I do to keep me level:

• Find a motivational theme quote for yourself for the day, share it with others.  Something like; the theme for the day is "today I will smile at everyone even if they are frowning at you" lol, or today I will add an extra half liter of water to my intake (if you are having issues with water intake), or maybe a goal like today I will turn any negative thought I catch, into a positive somehow.  Some of the ones I like is to have integrity with yourself today and accomplish your to do list even if you want to ignore one or 2 items that need to be done.  Another is to be determined to motivate someone else by sharing a tip or exciting accomplishment in the gym, I ran faster or longer, I lifted easier or a bit more in this exercise, I am feeling more flexible today as I am now less pretzelled in this stretch or maybe resolve today I will make sure to stretch a little bit longer (if you are in need but hate to take time to stretch) and maybe share it and stretch with someone else, bringing them along for the benefits.
• Work on the water intake if you are under 2 liters.  I can't stress enough how much of a difference, how much more ease it adds to the whole fitness process especially with soreness and recovery.
• Don't forget some type of multi vitamin/mineral.  With the increase in your activity intensity, time or frequency you will most likely need to supplement your diet and training somewhat, in most cases.  Not saying you HAVE to, I know many who refuse but it will help and make things better along the way if you are open to it.
• Don't short cut yourself, if you are in training, don't skimp on sets, reps or exercises.  Do the best you can to complete your training that day and to design or have designed for you a plan that is doable, yet still yields results.  Adjust as you need.
• Most of you should get the workouts, if possible, done before the end of day.  Some just won't get it done at end of day no matter the intention, unless you are in the habit already and usually not a morning person.

We are all different so look to where your own areas of self sabotage are, where do you usually know you may fail, and rather than be in denial and say I will get it right, adjust to fit you and avoid forcing things so it eliminates the chances of failure and avoidance while still keeping you interested.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!
And remember if you are looking for some form of fitness programs, nutrition, coaching or consultation please fee free to contact me and we can get you started on those goals!

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