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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ready, Set.....GO!

With March being a write off as I was sick pretty much the whole month with Bronchial issues.  I now have 3 months left for my Fitness Competition.  Not freaking out, going to do the best I can and normally would say 'no problem'.
Being off the past 3 years almost sedentary meanwhile slowly getting malnourished from anorexia and 2 knee reconstructions setting things back, I think I am a bit behind lol.  I am not sure I can get my aerial gymnastics for this show and need to focus on lower body building to balance out the physique.  Overall conditioning is also the goal.

My 3 month, 12 full weeks of cardio, weights and nutrition meal plans are all done, detailed and printed.  I am ready to begin.
I am not going to post my plan in detail since it is specific to me and not so applicable (in that detail) to everyone.  I will be sharing a lot of this with you, especially what I think you can follow along with and can be useful in general for most peoples various fitness goals.

A lot of my social media fitness shares will be about nutrition for the month of April that should make up for the last month, I did promise to share some recipes and things.

My diet for this month is very simple and close to nature which is how I usually do competition diet.

  • Focussing on getting my water up to 2 gallons a day which I've been having problems with.
  • I'll wake up and start with some fruit strawberries raspberries 
  • 1st snack will be some legumes and corn or green beans
  • Protein shake 
  • Protein like fish or chicken and some quinoa 
  • Bean Patty and quinoa for dinner 
  • Whole bunch of green veggies for the last snack of the day.

I'm sure some of you are questioning some of the items.  I'm leaning more toward vegetarian this month, even though I do have a meal of meat and my particular needs allow me to throw little corn in and use legumes.  I'm not coming from a heavier weight that has to be dropped down, I'm coming from being way too light and having to hold my weight while I decrease body fat slightly and increase lean muscle mass.

I'm adding some:

  • kelp
  • a little bit of extra B complex
  • a lot of extra vitamin C
  • extra vitamin D 
  • multivitamin multimineral
  • Gaba as well or some inositol which is a precursor
  • Glutamine is always part of my competition regimen and actually I should be on it all year round.

This kind of composition shift can be done if you know your body really well and I've done it before so I know I can accomplish this.  Since it's for a three-month out goal, it's achievable.

My training for the next three months is broken down into a five day weight program:

  • legs
  • shoulders 
  • back
  • arms 
  • chest with some like shaping.
  • core is mixed in there 

The sets and reps varies throughout because each exercise is chosen specifically for my needs and shaping, it's specific to each area individually.  2-6 sets of 6-30 can be found throughout my plan.  A lot of it is straight sets, some of it is supersets, sometimes I will superset a few of the straight set exercises if I need to save time.

I'll be sharing some of the more unique and uncommon exercises with photos / video here, on Instagram and Facebook.

I'm adding in 4 hits of morning cardio specific to the shaping I need which for me is usually plyometrics and more of an anaerobic type cardio combo or a slowburn.
Then I have three days a week doing about 45 minutes of spin but I can pace myself as I please.

So there's the plan and its begun!  Join me on my comeback competition journey while I share some simple fitness with you.

Here is an Outdoor Combo showing some leg up lunges, lateral squat overs, one arm incline pushups and thrust step ups.  Anyone can do these and add it to your outdoor adventures.

Happy Spring Fit Friends ;)))

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