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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride in BC

What a great sunny day, not the 26 degree celcius they promised but sunny.
Decided to go for a bike ride even so today is my day off training. Going for another cheat meal, so the bike ride is a great way to counteract that. I have had 2 cheat meals per week more or less and they were not far out but instead almost tame.
Weather is not looking good for the week to come although that changes fast but who cares, my focus is diet, training, routine polishing and hoping my suit comes in and I don't have to get Amy to redo them all because Canada Post has my stuff hostage.
If I have to redo my suit and costume she will need to know by mid see my stuff is here locally at some postal warehouse but just needs to be delivered so I hope it comes by Wed and then I am safe! What horrible timing. At this point if I need alterations I will have to do it locally but you know what.....Amy always seems to get my fit right so being she knows my body so well I am not worried.
2 Weeks left on my pattern and then its pre contest week and time to display the weeks of effort!

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