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Friday, March 21, 2014

Track Cutter Workout Stair Sequence

The next clip in the Track Cutter Workout series to add onto the clips you have seen so far, is the stair sequence.  Most tracks have stadium stairs or some type of stairs available to you for this workout.

Here you utilize forward and backward running up and down stairs along with some double and single leg plyometrics work.  This gives you hamstring torque, and power, much more than sculpting, shaping and fat loss.  The benefits are many.  Ladies, the ham glute tie, which is where your butt cheek ends and thigh starts, is a trouble spot for most of us but these exercises help define this area giving you separation between the 2, lifting the cheeks and giving you great shape from lower back to thigh.  Butt implants are not needed when all you need to do is spend a bit of time working it out to get the same effect.  I found jump work to be what was most useful is giving my hamstrings and glutes muscle which give you shape and curve.

Take your time with this, and be surprised at what a great workout to the body, challenge to the lungs and your body awareness.  Have fun with this.
Don't be afraid to use those hand rails until your balance and backwards movements improve.
Time to try out the stair sequence Workout Warriors!  Have at it.

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