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Friday, March 14, 2014

Track Cutter Workout Killer Quad

Here is the second clip with the the next 4 exercises to try out, practice and perfect. 
Start off light on your landings, over time you will get faster and your leaps will increase in height and distance.  These do get easier with practice, but then we can challenge them further with various tricks and tools.
Be patient if this is new for you, and prepare to burn some fat!  Spend a few mins, doing a few 1/4 laps on the track for each exercise in each direction, and a hill for the bear crawls. 

Backwards work is much more challenging, higher calorie burning, builds body awareness also called kinesthetic awareness and is a bit slower than forward work so take your time.

 Do this every day or every other day for a few days.  We will do each clip like this and then you can build them toward one full workout.  The stretches for your legs will be posted for a 3rd clip.  You can do these in smaller spaces and gyms with bear crawls on a treadmill, on the spot if needed, eliminating some of the traveling but if you can use an area where you can travel its best for the effect.  Ladies these are also great for the glutes shaping, especially the bear crawls.  Some of these seem easy but once you test them out you will see they are amazing exercises to get you to a fitter body.
Let's get started Workout Warriors!!!

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