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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Track Cutter Workout Program

Are you ready to take things to a new level?  Get on this free workout program I am posting and see what you can do with your body.
Over the next couple weeks I am going to give you some short yet intense workout clips to try out and build together for a killer Track Cutter Workout.
This program will not only help burn fat and improve your anaerobic cardio but sculpt and build your muscles all over the body.  Balance, agility, coordination and joint conditioning are some of the excellent side effects you can attain.
Ladies, attention please .......this is especially great for the leg and glute shaping.  I use a lot of this to get into the body shape I have.
Work at your level, speed, height etc.  Do not be discouraged because this is a challenging workout even for fit athletes.  Its meant to feel challenging so enjoy the burn.
This workout is versatile, can be done anywhere, anytime with very little equipment needed.  Its a great way to take your training outdoors as well.

Pay attention to details, form, alignment and accuracy.

Start with each clip shown in order over the next few weeks and work on each one for a few days.  Short and sweet, but a kick ass regimen!  Build them by adding each next clip until you are able to do them all in one compact workout.  There is no expectation other than challenging the fitness level you are at now so the expectation is to get through it and do so accurately, the speed, distance, time, height and strength comes as you go.

You don't need to do too many sets and reps once you build this together, just a hit on each and you will be well worked at the end.
By just doing this ladder of training you should not only show improvement on the individual exercises and tolerance but see a physical difference in your body with tightening and muscle enhancements by the end of the program.

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