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Thursday, June 16, 2011

And the Beat Goes On...........

Still training hard! Still on point with diet and right on track with body /routine.
Its been a rough hockey week. I ran home Saturday after a photo shoot, jumped on my recumbent bike to make up for cardio that day, double session for 80 mins while watching hockey- did not even take off the make up...........

My workouts and meals have not wavered now for 8 weeks and 4 are left. It feels so nice when you are dialed in, no stress, no panic, no worry. You know you will go out and be at your best and not have to struggle, strain and hate every minute. Its been good hard, challenging but not painful to the point where it all sucks and I have had much less body work during this prep.
The tummy loves the diet so no issues there, sooooo nice. So when dealing with cravings no big deal, compared to pain, cravings are nothing. I have kept up a cheat per week and its been an ideal contest prep. I had one point at week 5 where I was drained, I did a refeed and it all picked up. I have since been happy with energy levels and how I feel all around.
I have enjoyed how fast my body changes and fit is so fun! It also makes it easy to keep on point with workouts when the weather is .......colder than usual for this time of year.


  1. 8 weeks! Wow, I hope I can be so dedicated one day. I can hardly manage one. LOL

    What is "refeed"?

  2. Hey Kandee, a re feed is like when you replenish carbs after cutting them for a few weeks for example.