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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer hits Vancouver, just before the Stanley Cup expected to be won!!!

Okay so its excitement city around here, so many things going on!

We have a few Italian Street festivals, I may get some pics tomorrow to post here!

Just had a great rollerblade around Stanley Park, people were actually going there to see Lord Stanleys statue!!! Canuck Jerseys everywhere! I had a great workout, we did just under 10km in under 40 mins and minimal effort, keeping to my 70% hr!

Later today I am going to hop on my recumbent bike and do another 40 mins while watching either fights or hockey!

Taking the day off weights and going to have some sushi for lunch now, if I have a cheat it may be tomorrow in the form of small bun or something at Italian Day but otherwise I think I will keep it fairly clean and limit any cheat foods just make sure I keep the body fat coming down. Still need to drop a few percent in the next 6 weeks and this is when it gets harder as you get leaner and the body wants to hold on the last bits when hitting single digit body fat.
So now I am off to walk the dogs at Hats Off Day, a street fair with hot rods and grilled foods which I can sniff....but not touch! Most of it is meat so I don't really miss it anyway.

Have a Great Weekend!!

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