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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Photo Shoot, Broad Swords and more!

Thank you, thank you, thank you both Gus Mctavish and Meghan Cooke for helping me with a great Fantasy Photo shoot. Meghan being a trainer at my gym and also a pro with stuntwoman work who has a stash of blades to make any man blush or run....whichever......she really helped make this shoot a go. I chose a nearby park which was a bad backdrop, not sure what Gus can do with these, but hey, we made a good go of it and Gus can shoot an ugly duck in a potato sak and make them look like Tyra!
Meghan helped me with posing, holding the blades and also being some were sharp, helped me ensure not to injure anyone or myself.
Gus is very comfortable to work with, he is a great photographer to hire for your future photo needs! He gave me great tips, lots of smiles and poor guy was on the wrong end of those blades......very brave man!
All in all a fun relaxed outdoor shoot done in under 2 hours!

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