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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to CPR we go......

So its that time again to recertify my ACE, ACSM and BCRPA which means recertification for CPR and Fitness First Aid.
I have been using Life Consultants with Mark Kozlowski since I began in Fitness in the mid 90s and have used this company since. Its a class which keeps you awake, is fun and inventive.
Mark has an amazing realism to his class and makes it entertaining. I like his person-ability with his students and actually don't mind having to do this every year or 2 because he is the one teaching!
Okay so now I am off to have some yam fries with chipotle mayo and a sandwich on ciabatta bread and pop ~ YEAH BABY CHEAT MEAL TIME!!!!!!
Then I will come home and do my morning and night cardio, because I had to go to class I did not get in morning cardio so I am going to hop on my recumbent bike for 70 mins at a moderate pace and watch the UFC fights tonight although I am shocked to find out Nate was cut because he 'did not pass his med exam' Well I have an idea of what that maybe about and I am very sad for Nate and for the fans. Rick Story will now be fighting Brenneman, Rick is a great fighter and just fought a few weeks ago, what a guy..... so it will be a good fight anyway and the card is a great one so I guess now it's 'hi ho, hi ho, first cheat then car di o......****whistling****hi ho, hi ho.

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  1. Correction....the UFC fight is tomorrow night. Tonight is Bellator.