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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flat Tummies and Smooth Skin

One thing I get reminded of when I diet down for competition is how nice it is to have a flat tummy and smooth skin. I am a sugar fiend so I tend to get softer off season and deal maybe with less of an optimal skin texture because of the sugar habit and eating whatever crap I want. It is subtle but I do notice at times like now when my body tells me in so many ways how much it likes how I am eating.
I am not really restricting health, because I timed things right with the progression down to where I am now- it really was not unhealthy, just hellish for a sugar fiend........teehee.
Essentially all health issues are decreased right now because of this diet, I still eat all the needed nutrients and not conservatively to just make it by but I eat around 2000 cals per day more or less and even get indulgences but its just forced me to be balanced and adult about it.
I have been more restrictive in past years but this time around I am having fruit the whole time through, carbs but healthy options and not sooooo limited. This meant rare occasion if any of lightheaded or hypo glycemic issues which most people complain about during dieting. I swear its only happened once or twice and when not dieting I cannot say it never happened due to my poor food choices at that time maybe pms or while leaning I have had very little negative effects to deal with, compared to what you hear from the experiences of others.
It does take years, trial and error etc etc. You learn from others then meld it to be your own cuz you are the only one who knows your body.
In fact dieting has helped all my other health issues because my normal indulging actually aggravates most of the health issues and I do over do..... so in effect I am healthier when I am dieting down for comp as it forces me to keep a healthier diet.

I am never hungry, IBS has been at its all time low - yeah baby! Asthma and allergies have been under better control and joint pains are tolerable. This is how contest prep should be, even dieting in general, it should not feel super restrictive and I don't mean like - "I cannot have whatever I want whaaaah" cuz most of us eat too much hidden crap we don't realize, we basically live off crap and eat good once in a while when it should be reversed. I mean like for health where you treat once in a while, not daily at each meal which seems to be the trend, food choices and meals are all a big ol treat now.

You do not need to diet unhealthy to get contest prep to prime........IF YOU PROGRESS RIGHT AND WITH ENOUGH TIME.

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