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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Italian Day!

Happy Italian Day!!

Wow, what a festa! I have a bunch of pics to post, luckily I went earlier for the pics, now there are wall to wall humans so no way to get pics. There is such a variety, many businesses partook in this celebration!

Lets begin with the cupcake place, Cassia cupcakes......I did not have any! They have some great options, vegan and gluten free.........I have at one point last year had the chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting which was yummy!!! Essentially these guys are across the street from me.

Here we have the ravioli store on first.......did not have any!!!

Here we have Giancarlos Sport Bar, a handsome friendly face and some great coffee and eats!

Here are some more of the local haunts and treats! Some Vintage Italian Day pictures.....Roman Gladiators ready to do fight demos, Stages getting set up.....

Dog friendly, I had one of mine with me too while taking these pics!

Here we have one of my clients making fresh gelato in the back, Da Vino restaurant and Dolce Amore Gelato are a must if you are on the Drive!
Da Vino has wicked wine, cheese plates and more fine foods, and the I said fresh made in store daily- just look at the pic!
Italian Coffee Bars are all packed, all day so far! these pics were just upon opening, since then its now afternoon and packed busy with minimal areas to walk or sit but everyone manages fine.
You can see other ethnic foods are also available, like Japanese, Indian, Thai, Portuguese and more.
You also see the Italian Bakery from Hastings and Renfrew came down to FRESHLY STUFF CANNOLIS, which I did not have but sooooooooo wanted one, its a rare thing to get a fresh stuffed on the spot cannoli! Then you see the fudge bar..........with my fave....granny smith apples coated in Caramel............there was fudge and all types of goodies.........I will be waiting til fall for sweets!

In the end, I bought a baguette, added a splash of evoo, balsamic extra old aged vinegar...... grilled cherry tomatos, grilled avacado, grilled mushrooms, roasted onions and there was my cheat. Essentially the bread was the cheat really. I also had a diet pepsi, second in 8 weeks, have been pop free....... and am otherwise following diet cleanly.


  1. i wish i was there ... and see the babies ... i'll be home soon and i look forward to finally having a hello

    love ya

  2. wow, you have great willpower! i don't know if i could have gone to an italian fest and not have any of the ravioli or cupcakes!