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Friday, January 7, 2011

Clean Eating, Exercise lovin' clients!

I am so impressed with my clients this year having not gained any weight and some exercising daily while on holidays and trips in hot warm countries!!!

I heard one of my gals did CARDIO daily while in Hawaii, she kept her family in check too!

Our newest Trainer to join the group held her weight even without daily exercise, but getting in the minimal while balancing the holiday food 'crap' intake! Way to go Laio! She is raring up to kick some butts in the Fraser Valley and outlying areas as the newest Body Rush trainer. Going back to her roots of being a trainer again! This girl can tell you about battling fat loss!!!

I worked into the New Year this week with very little training done last year so this year I jumped in and began my week with daily all body supersetting workouts with your basic 5lb DBs and a comfy 3x10 set/rep. Cardio is slow, short and easy right now but 15-20 mins muscle hits are a great way to get back into it slowly. Watch out for my 15 min hit videos coming soon to help you fit training efficiently into your full schedule! I will post a few freebies of course.

Getting back into things!
Many of you know I spent most of my life eating some form or veg diet but last year I went back to eating some meat again. Mainly eggs and poultry which I was unable to eat since 1993 due to allergies. March last year I was told the allergy is gone so loving eggs and looking for that protein/muscle boost I slowly introduced them over the months til by summer I was eating it daily.
I was sick daily too........most of the year, not right after ingestion but it was accumulative and it was bad so I had no idea it was the flesh doing this to me..........then in Sept once the dr was in fear I may have some very very serious illness and wanted to run nasty tests...........I decided to really think about this, what was new a year ago...............FLESH! So I dropped it all, detoxed and got better instantly. It was literally killing me! I suspect too much ph acid from meat products do not work with my chemical make up!

I am okay with occasional eggs and rare meat intake if I so choose but my body has been very clear and I am going to stick with lacto ovo but mainly veg diet. Beans and I get along very well!

Competition Front
There is alot happening this year with contests, if anyone needs help with prep or wants to join in on the shows with us let me know.
  • I am going for my pro card again so this means BCs in June/July and then Nationals in SK! Never been there.
  • I will be hitting the Fort St. John show with a Laio who is doing her first Figure, I may try out bikini or if lean enough do Figure but my focus is BCs so whatever the body looks like in June I go with and enter a category accordingly. I cannot just watch, I have to get in there and on stage while I am there!
  • Next year Feb or March will be the Arnolds again, we are going out to do the Fitness/Figure amateur division for this 4 day Ohio weekend and you are invited to join us! We are gathering a team of gals who want to go out to try out the Arnold Classic Fitness or Figure Am divisions and you have a year to prep for it, with my help if you like! Contact me for more info! Things are always more fun as a team!
Talk soon!

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