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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Different Cardio Workouts

Cardio Workouts - Different Exercises To Burn Fat & Lose Weight
Regardless of what your fitness goals are, whether they are to lose weight, burn fat, increase muscles density, you will have to partake in some sort of cardio exercise. Depending on your goal, here are five different cardio workouts to get you started on the right track! Let's go!
HIT, HIIT and Interval
HIT stands for high intensity training. Typically this kind of workout will have you begin at a low intensity increasing by a notch every minute or increasing by half to a full mph for running, for every minute. This type of workout will start off a beginner with only 5 mins and take you to up at about 20 minutes when you get really good at this. Those who feel melting muscle with cardio seem to prefer this type of training best.
HIIT is high intensity interval training where you would walk for 2 mins, run for 20-60 seconds and so one. The interval times are up you to you and usually start low increasing with progress and time. The rest period is always longer than the intense interval allowing you to go at a higher intensity for short bursts beyond the max you would do for longer periods, then the active resting period allows you to recover without stopping.
Interval training without high intensity would be similar except with the higher interval you are not pushing so you stay at sub maximal intensity.
This type of training is a way to be efficient with your program. If you are in a hurry you can circuit through a list of weight machines doing a high number of reps once per station. You can also circuit the cardio machines or blend both. Supersoaker would be a better term for this when you really give it your all as you end up drenched so bad you can barely take off your clothes afterward as they are stuck to you! Of course circuits can be applied at lower levels, reps and paces for those with special needs. For many looking to maintain yet have limited time, this is ideal for you.
Plyometry and Skip Rope
The art of jump height is the main focus for most plyometry work although there is applied plyometry to other body areas now and it has seeping into a larger practice of work. Mainly plyometrics are used for increased hamstring torque in turn increased vertical jump which related to faster take off on runs, faster running, longer endurance. It all depends of course on how you direct the work and to what purpose or sport. In general for fat loss, most drills will work. This is a higher level of risk but can be modified safely for lower levels of fitness and special needs such as post rehab, post op.
Lateral Training and Slide
Almost all the training we do in weights, cardio and sport involve a majority of forward motion. Look at every cardio machine in the gym, all back and forth motions. You get a few lateral leg and arm moves but again with weights it is all mainly back and forth, forward and back.
I like to use lateral training at almost every session. Not only is it a great way to shock the body into more fat loss and conditioning but I find for those seeking specific lower body shaping it is impossible without lateral training.
I had a knee injury early in my career which introduced me to a higher level of lateral training and I have not gone back since. I have my own slide although that fad died off; it was big for a short spell in the 90s although athletes in sports like hockey are still using these regularly. Plyometrics are often applied laterally because it is an excellent way for injury prevention to the lower body joints which are prone to problems during sport play.
Stairs and Elevation
Another excellent heart exercise which works well for the gals seeking to firm up the glutes and thighs is stairs. You can do it at home on a step or on your own stairs in several ways and even laterally, but the hardest is going to the ball park and using the stadium stairs. You should have good knees with no issues for this but otherwise it's flawless. Stair master and stepmill are also excellent. Getting the knees up makes you work harder and burn more fat but also targets the glutes at the point which the knee is above the hip level. I also like to hop stairs mixing some plyometry and using lateral movement.
For more workouts and plans, for a personalized workout and diet for your body and your goals.

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