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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top 5 Fat Burning Tips for Weight Loss

If you're New Year's Resolution this year was to lose weight, then here are 5 fat burning tips for weight loss, from Linda Cusmano.

When it comes to burning fat we find it to be a dicey issue. There are so many ways, so many aids and not all work for everyone because we all respond different. There are some groups who do have like results and respond to like diet or training but we have many groups and each one has a different fat burning threshold.
There are some tips that I can share with you which are general and regardless of the degree of burn, you should respond if you are consistent and patient.
Fat Loss Tip #1
Portion control and what does it mean? Well I personally don’t believe in portion control to the effect of limiting the amount of food so that you are hungry! I do agree that you do not want to push yourself to the point of moaning and unzipping! Taste has to be a bit compromised in the way that you must not over eat items you enjoy. Control portions by having reasonable helpings of foods which are not threatening to your goals. Do have 6+ small meals per day - THAT is controlling your portions in my eyes, but do not limit yourself to less than 3 meals per day or very low calories. Metabolism needs to be fired up to burn fat, by eating every 2-3 hours you are doing exactly this which is the optimal way. Go big on dark leafy greens, large portions of this is great, fill up on that fiber and you won’t feel hungry, then the protein should be lean and will aid in appetite control so that your starchy carb does not have to be a large portion, keep this controlled to moderation. Do eat good fats in moderate portions, going too low or too high is adverse to your goals.
Fat Loss Tip #2
Go dark green. As I mentioned in tip 1, go for the broccoli, green beans, and collard or mustard greens for half of our carb intake. Then you can have orange veggies, legumes, and some higher protein grains such as oats and quinoa.
All these foods are considered whole foods, are easy to prepare, fast to cook and perfect for burning fat.
Fat Loss Tip #3
Do cardio after your weight session. You don’t get into your fat burning zone for about 15-20 mins so if you do the weights before hand you will get into fat burning a bit sooner making your cardio more efficient and effective. There is also the round about way by doing anaerobic type cardio such as intervals or HIT training.
Fat Loss Tip #4
Avoid starchy carbs in the evening. Your bodies work better assimilating proteins at the end of day and while sleeping so go for lean proteins and the leafy green veggies for the carbs. Casein is also said to work best at night but not all dairy has this so watch for which do and go for lower fat options or get the powder. This is also a sleep aid for some people.
Fat Loss Tip #5
Last but not least is resistance training. Cardio and diet alone are not enough. In order to burn more calories naturally you want to build muscle. Not to say you need to build very obvious muscle if you do not wish to, and that is not so easy even if you try! Muscle needs fuel too so by enhancing your lean muscle mass to some degree will also aid in fat burning in a huge way.
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