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Friday, January 21, 2011

Rebel with a good breakfast!

So they put a new cupcake joint across the street, and yes I tried one or 2....or 4, and they cost like 3 bux a pop so you know how goooood they were...........well, I had my treat and my fun, won't be in there again for awhile.

So today in rebellion of this cupcake cheat I decided to go with a nice, healthy, light, nutrient dense breakfast.

Since the bout of food issues I had last year I am unable to eat large meals most of the time, and have to eat caloric dense foods to get in calories so normally this would have been a 2 part breakfast, or just a boiled egg, then 2 hrs later a pc of fruit so I am working on slowly increasing tolerance.

The good thing is I need less cardio and get lean easy just off weight training but I have to watch the balance of eating every 2-3 hours so that my metabolism does not slow too much.

Here is my suggested breakfast, not too heavy, not too light where you are hungry, try it out tomorrow morning, its great!!!

1-2 poached eggs on 1-2 pc of rye or whole grain (with a 1/4 tsp butter each)
6 oz fresh squeezed / juiced OJ
1/4 cup fresh berries on 3/4 cup no fat greek yogurt

Now this yogurt is thick like cream, ZERO fat, ONLY 6 gm carb and barely a gram of fat, then to top it off it has 20gm protein and all this in 3/4 cup. ALL HAIL GREEK YOGURT!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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