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Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Mental Fitness Barriers

Winter Mental Fitness Barriers - Breaking Bad Habits
Haven't started your resolution to get back into shape yet this year? We all know how it is. We all dread having to go back to a moderate diet and regular working out after a few weeks of Holiday treats and good eating not to mention some time off the gym. I sure don’t want it to be over but getting in shape does not happen unless you pick up and get to it. Having a goal and a plan to get that goal achieved is the first powerful step to motivate you toward success.
You need to be accountable to yourself at the least, and if you are too mushy then include someone else you have to be accountable for like keeping a Blog for support from those who you are using for accountability. Be it family, friends or online pals, it is easy to get support if you are up front with reports on your efforts and results. Some may join you!
Not online? Use a notebook which you can get very cheaply at any dollar store. Find a cute one which will motivate you and track your exercise. I also suggest tracking diet for a spell, at least a few months so you can see things on paper……….I SWEAR it makes a difference. Be honest in your journal so that you can pin point your own areas needed for improvement. Keeping this online for those who have access, will also have others commenting and suggesting toward meal and training improvements.
Plan out some type of diet schedule and workout timeline even if you only plan out days for cardio and days for weights or muscle groups on which days. I detail exercises, sets, reps and weight used, time on cardio, intensity etc. I even include my dog walks!! It all adds up and shows accomplishment making you want to keep each page up with your workouts, making you want to keep up your workouts so you can look back and feel that pride in accomplishment and dedication.
Use the drive that comes with the New Year hype and go with it! To help figure out your goals, jot down what you want to work out. What body parts you wish to hit and what you want to do with that area. For example the popular female goals are tone in butt and legs, arms and chest. Men prefer to look at 6 pack leaning and muscular build. Specific goals would be defined as wanting a 6 pack by a certain time, wanting to lose so much weight or inches within a certain time, fitting a pair of pants, things like that.
Have a home workout back up plan so that if you cannot make it to the gym, you have a band, ball or weights available to you so you can still get training in. Bands can be easily carried and are light so even if traveling or stuck somewhere, if the opportunity allows then get some of your workout in.
If you are uncomfortable with how you look to the point that it hinders you from entering the gym then pre screen the gym you choose so that you know that the crowd is similar and will not make you feel uncomfortable but actually fit in! Many will have the same goals and fears as you. If you still feel uncomfortable going to the gym, check out my custom nutrition and workout plan at lindacusmano.comn and I will set you up with a custom diet meal plan and custom workout plan for your body and goals. Have fun!

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