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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year, A New You!

You set up your New Year resolution, but now you just need to get started, right? I have some free tips to help you get moving along past the holiday and winter blues.
A few months into the New Year we begin to feel ragged and worn down usually exposed to little light and sun depending on what part of the globe you live on. This time of year the holidays are over and the next to come are a season away making it seem like a dark long haul until the weather improves and daylight stays around a bit longer. There is an actual disorder called SAD which effects many of us with a depression due to lack of light. Seasonal affective disorder can be only one addition to the depressions we feel from eating too much over the holidays, guilt of not working out due to family and friend gatherings as well as having a hard time returning to a healthy schedule
It may seem like you are lifting your feet out of quicksand but the only way to avoid the depths of these depressing holes we can feel we are getting ourselves into is by swiftly returning to some activity in your life. Workout time is time for you which is justified because it is healthy. If you cannot see yourself getting into the old routine then look into some new activities to try out and jump in with both feet. Not only for the body but the mind, you must continue exercise.
The sooner you get into a regular workout plan again the sooner you can shed any of these mood issues. Serotonin releases give you a high after working out which makes you feel great and this is something that can keep you coming back regularly. Get into the gym and feed off that first session.
It’s obvious that the exercise will trim you up from the holiday fat gains and as mentioned, you get that great workout high from chemical releases but mentally you are boosted as well. Tackling daily chores, work and dealings with the public can be perceived as a much more pleasant experience once you have done your daily activity. Try out this Holiday recovery plan and move smoothly into the spring season! Energy does not come in a pill or liquid, it comes from moving your body which naturally increases your energy levels.
Holiday Recovery Plan
  • Start moving right away. Begin with a 20 min daily walk and 3 basic exercises. There is no excuse to not do at least this much.
  • Start up your muscles with 30 pushups, 30 squats, 30 crunches every second day. Do them before bed or first thing upon waking. Best yet, do them right after your walk.
  • Try a new activity you have always wanted, join for that golf class or pilates session. The excitement from participating in something you have always wanted to try will get you motivated and off your rump!
  • Trim the diet and try to keep 80% of your food within the ‘produce’ category! And don’t go all fruit; try 50% vegetables with lots of greens and colors and 30% fruit. Pick olives and nuts for good fats and choose lean proteins.
  • Keep the alcohol down to one glass per day with/after dinner at most. Red wine is said to be highest in positive nutrients although more than a glass then makes it a negative.
  • Drink a liter of water per day as a goal! Flush out those ‘feel bad’ toxins and fats with pure water.
These don’t seem like big tasks to take on and if you go at your pace averaging one of these added per week, you will be feeling great by spring and ready to move ahead to new fitness endeavors.
If you are ready to tackle 2011 with a new exercise or meal plan, feel free to set up a phone consultation to get you started this new year!

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