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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get it done early or just get it done!

Having asthma/bronchitis means you spend many nights up so today I was up at 2am and having a client at 6am means I won't be going back to bed so why not get my workout done?

I hit the gym early, they open at 5:30am.
  • did my all body supersetting of weights
  • repping 10-15
  • with mild intensity in weight but going non stop to fat burn and pump! Calorie burn in limited time.
I knew I only had 30 mins for weights and 15 for the 'not cardio'...(dont' want to call it cardio) I step on the Stair master and kick ass for 10 mins going level 3 for a min, 6 for the next few then 10 for a couple mins and up to 15 for a min, down to recover for 20 seconds and back up to 20 for a min, doing this til i hit 11 mins and over 150 cals. Over to the rower to cool down and hit a few more calories. Stretch and splits!
Ending with cardio works for me best and I can push the client who just came in and is warming up, especially if its a guy and he is competitive!

Train the client, then...........finished by doing with the client 100 prone bodyweight hypers on the floor to condition the back. Nothing shuts the whining up faster than when you get down there and do it with them! "what??? &^%$ a hundred of them????"

Now being early, first meal comes into play so lets go with a light healthy meal. I am eating whole foods, no supps right now and am not taking in high protein at the moment but wanted and needed some sugar so ........poached soft egg on a slice of whole toast, yes I used a small scrape of butter and some PINEAPPLE AND STRAWBERRIES!!! Like candy, so sweet.
Right now I am not really restricting anything, just eating healthy overall- doesn't this look yummy???

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