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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Awaken The Athlete Assessments

There are a plethora of assessments to choose from, its endless. In reminding you about goals and being realistic, just stick with what fits. We are still keeping this interesting, motivating, personal and focused on consistency. No excuses, no one area will be used for sabotage, only to keep you informed and on track.

Go ahead and search around online, see what's out there. You can assess almost every 'overall to detailed aspect of your body', health and performance no matter if you are sick or injured, athlete, recreational or just seeking wellness.

I had previously mentioned Eric Braverman and his book 'The Edge Effect' which can be pertinent to certain individuals. You can assess your mind physically vs mentally. Assess if the physical make up based on your chemicals due to eating habits is what now affects your mental such as depression, sadness, lack of motivation, feeling lost and so on. Believe it or not even the simplest of times you feel off can first maybe be solved with minor eating and exercise practices including mind quieting work which can be coupled with physical and stretching.

Some of the ideas are great for those of you who are thorough and have the time and interest. Here are some more assessment suggestions you may want to tack onto this journey to make your program holistic. These are geared to hit a variety of people and their interests or lifestyle. Not all of these will interest all of you nor be needed.

I will try to add some links here to take you to online freebies of some tests or where you can purchase the book/tools/info. I cannot promise the links will last over time. Most of the Body assessments can be searched online with numerous choices.

The Edge Effect (improving mental, emotional and chemical brain state naturally with food)
Test Link
Eric Braverman website and more info

The Four Agreements (perspective clarity, positive thinking and unconditional living)
Info and site

6 Steps to a Professional Dreamer (clearing the mind of garbage and refocusing your mind to positive faith in outcomes)

Vertical Jump
Naturpathic Food Sensitivity Testing
One Rep Max


Biological Age Test (age by life experiences not chronology)

Dosha Test (Eastern practice based on body types and your characteristics to assess where you are dominant and how to balance this through exercise and diet)

Chakra Test (assessing blockages through the 7 main energies of the body, using diet, exercise, color, scent and nature influences to balance them)

Reflexology (pressure points in the foot tell about body blockages in your energy or chi and how it affects the organs)

Acupuncture (assess blockages in your meridians)

The last 2 could actually fit under all three categories and are very powerful ideas to check out. I've tested most of these myself and feel most comfortable suggesting ideas I have actually tried.

My protocol will work with testing I did this past few weeks with:
The 'Edge Effect' suggested exercise and food ideas to improve my Gaba intake
Chakra work for the area that had shown needs attention based on my recent Chakra Test.
I am going to set up a few reflexology appointments in the next few weeks to see the feedback while the work is done and match that info up with mine to see if it jives or if there are areas I missed, or maybe have improved and are not showing as an issue. I've never really had this formally.

I love acupuncture and hope to find a new person, until then that is on hold, even so it’s a treatment, each appointment tells me where my body is at.

I tested my strength with some basic jumps for the knee and leg power, flexibility / splits and back bend testing, and these told me about my strength and agility at the moment as they are all great for an overall judgment.

I also like to go in for deep tissue and fascial massage as maintenance and treatment but again those sessions are almost like a test and each appt tells me about the progress.

I have not done the One Rep Max testing on myself since the 90s and 2000s, I don't feel I need this. I think its great for those with less years behind them or need these figures pertinent to your goals for sport etc.

I have found Dosha testing in the past to coincide with the Chakra testing which I did much more in-depth so I just stuck with that, but dosha testing is good for those who do not find basic chakra testing suitable and are not interested in getting into the longer term, more tedious attention involved with well rounded Chakra work, as shown in the book example I used. If you have the will, the time and ability, I highly suggest the Chakra book I list here, I went for a 49 week cycle and it made huge visible changes, improvements that were tangible but I was 88% on point and took the time and effort to commit and follow through and it did take up a lot of my day and evening with full focus on that only. At that time in my life I needed it and had the time to do it.

I think everyone should try the Biological Age test, its very interesting and will tell you a lot I promise. If you stick with the simple body comps and choose not to test yourself even with the basic cardio or strength tests that is fine. As long as you don't look back and say I wish I had at least one to compare to.

I also highly suggest pictures now, based on my body fat sheet in yesterdays post. Trust me on this one. Try to use the same clothes, mirror, room and distance to the mirror etc to keep it really comparable. You can X mark the spot with tape and keep it there for future comparison photos. I know many hate this part especially the before but you will adore them later and its something I always push for with clients. Never yet has any client regretted it no matter how painstaking it was to get agreement at first.

Tomorrow we look at our detailed plan ;)))

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