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Monday, January 25, 2016

Awaken The Athlete Nutrition

Nutrition is Everything

With the training plan on the go we can look more closely at nutrition which is the most important piece. Food is the key component to your health and fitness results. This is usually the thing to look at when you feel you are stagnant or not getting the results you think you are putting in the training for.

Frequency of meals, calories in and out, amounts of each meal, macro components of your intake in reference to your goals can be so confusing. As I mentioned before, you will find all types of conflicting information and its not your job to figure out what is valid or not, just to find ideas to try out that feel right for you. If its not then you change it up again but you have to start somewhere and try in order to know. That is your job, to find what works for YOU.

I know for my situation I have to look at this carefully due to added factors that affected my body beyond the weight loss. Its common after an extreme health/life stress to have left over side effects. When you get undernourished for awhile the effects extend to thinner hair and hair loss including the eye lashes, dehydration causing the skin to look more wrinkled and older, nail and bone health to deteriorate, and the brain to barely function. The lack of water intake on my part also caused the present health issues to escalate. My whole digestive function is not working properly and I am hoping I do not have permanent damage but I guess I will find out in a few months if things improve. I hope the health changes bring me back and have faith that fitness and nutrition will be my key, not doctors and medications. Had enough of that for many lifetimes.

I will talk about hydration more deeply this week but I am sure water is something you will need to look at too. Most people do.
If you take in less than a liter per day, you need to start looking at increasing your water intake from whatever it is you drink now.

Not everyone needs supplementation but there are options for those who do, who cannot eat enough to get what they may be short on. Your lifestyle and fitness intensity will also have an impact on this personal formula. Another topic for this week.

I would also like to write about Food Prep since that one is huge. I will touch on the various types of diets such as vegan or paleo.

How goes the training so far? ;)))   My body is responding like a thirsty traveler in the desert....its sucking it up and showing fast results.

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