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Friday, January 8, 2016

Awaken The Athlete Beastmode

At the fitness starting gate…or restarting gate 

This week I started from the beginning, presented the client (me), the circumstances and some of the things you want to consider when you are getting back into working out or even for the first time starters. You get the scenario, history, and idea of the goals that need to be catered to. In personalizing this I highlighted some of the points that usually are sticking points for us, helping us to set up beyond just the formula of workouts and the science of nutrition. Mental prep can really help eliminate some of the sabotage we set on ourselves by not being real with who we are or our natural habits. They can be changed slowly if you like but to be real, you have to know where you normally veer from your goals. This is not about you being right or wrong in your habits, it's not judgement, it’s a tool, its intimate info about you that will help you succeed. People who ignore that, deny their sticky points because by acknowledging them you feel negatively, usually these are the ones who end up finding themselves stumped. Many times going in without the mentality that your committed will give you the opportunity to flake out the minute things feel uncomfortable. Main thing is you need to either adjust those sticky points or work around them but considering them in your plan.

What I want is for you to be prepared to readjust if things start to feel uncomfortable or demotivating. It’s a normal part of fitness. Things are always being adjusted as you go and this is for everyone because we keep changing week to week as does are detailed needs. This is normal, not failure but sometimes clients tend to let that part of things take them down. If you are ready mentally, it won't affect you in a defeating way.

An effective fitness plan changes at least monthly in some way, small things like sets, reps or exercises up to full 'toss it in the air and redo a new one'. Nutrition needs to change a bit each month. Our body adjusts to our demand in exercise and adjusts its response to our eating……that’s the getting fit part, it gets stronger or bigger or whatever it is you have as a goal, if you apply the correct formula and make it personalized. But it will only do so until it catches up with your demand and then it gets wise to you and you have to change it again in order to coax out more results. Each time the body gets wise, that is a point where some results are showing. These can be obvious or less so but the changes are inevitable if you are doing it right and really, doing anything. This is also been called hitting the wall or plateau. Again normal, don't let this throw you, be mentally ready and it won't shake your resolve.

Many times we go in with positive perspective but it bounces. You have your off days when you have no faith in the fact that you should even try because your goals are out of reach in your mind. You have to look at yourself as the worthy being you are, you are worth the time and effort toward your health. Your body is more than willing to work with you and please you. Yet it seems we put it off, it's easy to shuffle it to the side if you are not in the 'Beast Mode'. When you find that you just cannot miss a day training and that you put priority on making sure your nutrition is prepped and in place to fit into your day then you are in beastmode. Nothing aside a huge emergency will veer you away from getting your health practices done each day. I have been there, and yes you can lose it, I am not there now and that was the whole point of this blog. Not only to motivate me back into my beastmode but to expose some of the process we all go through within my personal example.

Thanks for following along so far ;)))

Next week I want to look at the plan outline, goal setting in more detail, time and other considerations. I'm setting up to get into the gym and start showing you some exercises and recipes, stuff we can have fun with as we get in shape.

Thanks to Legare Wear for the great skull shorts and Robert Poetker for the photography taken at BodyCo Deep Cove.


  1. I know Linda if you want to train, she's the gal that will push you to the edge Hell, I've been ill and unable to exercise I talked to her this morning then went out and walked the sea wall damn it this girl makes me want to go back power lifting well I will after my operation you rock Linda

    1. Ty, this is great to hear and very encouraging and inspiring for me!