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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Awaken The Athlete Foolproof Fitness

Fool Proof execution
Scheduling & backup plans go with the flow
Even when you look at our time and frequency components for our workout and nutrition plans, life happens. You need a failsafe back up plan. Something you can do anywhere at anytime and do not depend on a gym or equipment in case you get stuck.

Nutrition is going to be addressed more as I post over the next few weeks but you want a failsafe back up for that as well.
The easiest thing to do is choose 3-6 exercises for your failsafe plan. Things that use bodyweight, work on areas you need conditioned and good old combo moves. Ab work, leg exercises and upper body work all have exercise options which work. For example to be fast and basic:

Single Leg Squats
Push ups
Horizontal Pullups
V sits (I am doing a version of this in the photo, on a bench using weights)

These are ways to challenge the body and get results even when you do not have equipment, if you are not in a workout setting or need to fit it in one at a time through the day spread out.  Even if this was your program you will get results but normally your back up plan is just that. Try to get your usually program in track if you have a day or 2 where the back up is used.

You can find healthy food options just about anywhere unless you live in the boonies! Even fast food joints now have egg white options, lean turkey, vegetarian, and more veggies on the menu. Most places have some type of fit choice in the menu but its not hard to ask for a grilled chicken breast or something like that even if not on the menu specifically. I like to suggest a small cooler or bin with nuts, some fruit, tuna and can opener, protein powder and maybe water if you don't feel you can find water easily. Usually its not hard to find water if you are not too picky about tap water.

Its such a relief when you are on the run, jammed for time and hunger hits, you can't do much but if you have something on hand you will go for it and be grateful its there. Its not that hard to be prepared, these are easy considerations and simple to execute. Anyone can do this.

If you do not have a car and cannot keep a cooler you still can keep a banana and some nuts in bag to carry with you, no excuses. We don't always remember this stuff so that is why you get thinking on it now, plan ahead and then it is habit.

You may need a few different days of training in your week or you may be at a place where you repeat a plan a few times per week, the same stuff and change it as you go. Whatever works best for you and your needs at the time is the right choice.

If you make it too complicated you may sabotage yourself but if its boring, same difference. Again a balance to find, try, and adjust as you go.

I have broken things down in detail up to this point, picking apart some of the process but its much simpler once you apply these premises I am talking about and you will find it works really well.

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