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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Awaken The Athlete Fitting Fitness Time

Fitting Fitness Time

Sometimes we have pretty streamline schedules that are the same daily. Sometimes we need more flex with our schedule due to work, kids or what have you. Wherever you fall into this range, it’s the next thing after goals that you have to seriously consider. Again I stress do not think of what you want ideally or what you may try to make work, start with 'definates' and once you are in the swing of things you will find you will be more able to bend and flex with pushing yourself and stretching your life a little bit to make things work. Usually until you are in Beastmode you want to make sure to make it all easy on yourself to decrease possibilities of self sabotage. Its seems easier when you are starting or re-starting, to put it off over other things. Its almost like we will allow any excuse to shake us in those early stages, you need to make it so there are no excuses as best you can by covering the bases you are aware of.  After last weeks posts you should be in a better awareness.

As I mentioned yesterday, I know with owning my gym there are days I am in there 4 mornings per week 'for sure' from early morning until afternoon so between classes, clients and duties I will fit my work out in.  The other days are less predictable so I won't put training there but if it happens then bonus!  Being in a gym for work means I can break it up if I get busy. I prefer to get it done in one hump including my cardio if I can. I am not too big on splitting up my training, have done it and it works well, nothing wrong with that at all but I know for me I tend to miss if its at night and also I just like getting it all done and over before my day if I can otherwise that is my self sabotage area.  I am also new to owning a studio, I used to be mobile, independant and my schedule at times was to fit it in whenever, other times I would piggy back my client appts that I knew were consistent.
Being an early riser means I fade earlier in the evening.  For me it has to be AM training for now, and all in one session.  Luckily I don't have cardio as a need in my program at the moment but once I am incorporating it again it will be post weights, that’s my preference. I find the body gets into fat burn stage while doing weights so when I go to cardio right after it does not take 20 mins to get me into fat burn zone, I am there!  Time efficiency when I get into 2-4 hours training for comp.  I find that my mental and emotional balance can get thrown if I cause myself stress with poor timing considerations and I know this is prevalent for most of you, make sure this is something you look at realistically and adjust as you go.  These are all foundations the fitness plan is built on.

I keep harping on the emotional and mental aspects of this because it is usually what makes or breaks us, not the physical part. You get that mastered and the rest is a cake walk.

Now you have looked at mental planning, goals, frequency, time and type. You know YOU better than anyone, you are the only one who can take the info, research, advice and apply it correctly to your personal needs. Suggestions can be made by professionals for what they feel you need to do in order to get your goals accomplished but in the end its up to you and you only to mould it, fit it, and know what will work for you within the science.  A great trainer, will mesh with  you on this and not dictate without considering your needs and adjusting as needed.  Communication there is huge, like any part of life.  Otherwise its you communicating with you, thats what all the thinking stuff I posted about last week was meant to drill into you!  Its easy to just say I will start and Ill jsut do this or wing it......not too many pull this off without eventually quitting because all those items I covered were not considered causing you frustration in your execution.  Or the person finally does go through that process after some trial and error.

"the only one you are competing with, your previous best!"

Keep in mind, another thing I keep harping on: There is no wrong, no right, just whats right for your needs toward your success and that formula is personal, there is no ONE formula that fits like a blanket over us all. This will prevent you from being overwhelmed and comparing your program or results to anyone else, another mental game that can beat you down and again its lies we tell ourself.

When you begin you are essentially saying to your body, 'what do you think about this?' and it lets you know by results, lack of, aches, you get what I mean.  You never really stop doing that but you just get into a knowing flow with your body as you get to know it through your fitness journey.

 Focus on YOU, your best, your goal, your personal needs and do not make them fit anyone else, any formula. The science and formula is meant to be personalized and fit your needs. Find that balance and your there.

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