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Friday, January 22, 2016

Awaken The Athlete The Tweak

After yesterday's stats you may have noticed a few standout things. Most people will have stand out 'things' that coincide with all the conclusions you made so far or add to it to round out the plan of attack.

I made notes by my measurements, knowing well all my previous ones in the past years. If you don't have anything to compare to then good thing you got some now! The pictures can tell you a whole lot! If you can stop focusing on the fact that its you, the imperfections you normally pick on or the 'fat' or whatever issue, you may see some alignment issues that are or could be potential aches, injuries…… pay attention to this. When you train make sure you pay attention to those areas as you move, your form, watch the mirror. These spots usually don't move right when you train but you don't notice because it feels normal. Or it's an area that has been aching or nagging but you ignore it or work through it hoping it leaves, or thinking that this is just how it is for you. That maybe the case but do not just gloss over this stuff, keep it in awareness and always give it proper attention regardless.

The lighter marks on these pics confirm the areas I want to firm or build or shape, the red marks show areas that are not happy right now! These areas I am aware of chronically but have been ignoring and forgot about it until saw these pics. Immediately a few things stood out and I know where it's from and why but it needs additional stuff like special stretching and conditioning components added into my program. My knee will benefit, the imbalances in calve size and legs will improve along with the other areas based on my program and as the program progresses. The shoulder and neck issue will not get better if I ignore it, it will bitch more and hinder daily function, cause discomfort and start to affect sleep but until those things happen I may not notice! I'm on it now.

Take a good look at your before pics structurally and look for imbalances that stand out and think about, research how to improve the situation with exercise, stretching and conditioning. Common things are shoulders like mine show in my pics, hips off, twist in stance through the spine which shows more in back shots, side shots can show poke neck, lazy abs. Search postural assessments and you will quickly pick out what you need. Palms naturally facing back means your chest needs stretching and its tight, postural muscles need work. Try it!

Everything is set, get going now. Nutrition will be focused on next week and as we go we touch on the training, exercises and some cool new trends.

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