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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Awaken The Athlete: The Fitness Plan on Paper

Whether you are a starter or shifter (see previous posts), you want to look at ideas toward achieving your goal that excite you. You want to look forward to the exercises you are going to do. You want to be looking forward to trying new eating habits and healthy food ideas, the new tastes you may learn, the tools you take from this going forward. Challenge yourself in a fun way that is doable. Choose ideas that you will definitely be able to execute, not things that you think you may be able to do or should be able to. You need a resounding, yes I can do that. Of course you can adjust later once you test out your program for a week if you find things aren't fitting all this criteria.

This is what it looks like for me:
  • Training in the AM - it fits and I know I am in the gym all morning and can get it in, I know the days I am in the gym for sure 3-5 days, plus I have stuff at home to work with as well. No excuses. 
  • No stress on any cardio for now, until I can hold weight. I teach 3 spin classes per week and can participate or teach without being on the bike if need be. 
  • Specific Yoga, which I do because I know it helps. I use a specific Heart Chakra process to help heal some emotional aspects that if not attended to can sabotage motivation and my program being done. Yoga is not necessarily something I get super excited about LOL but I know I will get it in and can do it at home, again fitting it in without excuses. Once I do a day or 2, the effects alone keep me coming back. For me the past heartaches and stresses although over, are lingering and can take me off my feet so I cannot ignore it, I have to refocus toward the opposing feeling of that. Yoga forces me to take the time to quiet the mind and work on positive thought with intention. I can tend to just swim in the negative thoughts of past tragedies without realizing it and it affects your life, your interactions, your tolerance and the consistency in your schedule. 
  • I will add some body weight work, I love this stuff, get my splits back to their extremes and dabble in some fitness routine skills. If I find I drop weight from this, I will back off. The priority is on weights to get my weight and appetite up. 
I am showing you the logic, the thought process and now you can get your goal plan together, as simple or fancy as you like, whatever will motivate you, so if you want to put your plan on your fridge with stickers to really stand out, go for it!!! Keep a picture copy on your ph. I would put it on the bathroom and bedroom mirrors or near light switches if you get better results with this idea.

Now we have the ideas to achieve our short term goal. Tomorrow I will talk about mental / time / emotional consideration < avoid sabotage.  Getting ahead of your bad habits.

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