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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Awaken the Athlete with Integrity

How to commit to a program and follow through.  Getting more raw and real today.

I had touched on integrity in my last post and told you this one was a big factor in my opinion. I am biased because it’s a trait I admire in people and take pride in myself. I tend to gravitate toward people I feel are reliable in what they say and find that solid, but don’t we all? If you really look at it, do you keep those in your life you do not feel are upfront and honest or you cannot count on what they say or know what to make of their word? I am only drilling on this to make sure you are honest with you and go into your goals with the chance to succeed. Saying 'I can do that, sure I can try this' but not feeling it, not sure… can't go into your health goals unless it's all in! Look at the past, did you go all in or casually? Did you succeed or are you still trying to get into the flow without failure or sabotage?  Maybe you think you were all in but not considering the mental and emotional aspects nor being real with yourself about what your natural habits are, which by the way can always be improved if you can be aware of them, and honest with yourself....integrity.

What have you ever done in life casually that worked out very well and got you to your end result desired? I can bet instead you just got drama.

I have a hard time trusting people who show this lack of integrity in life in general but for fitness it's more of a red flag that tells me giving you a program and diet is not enough. You know the guy who says he will call but you know by experience he won't, he never follows through on things and its normally a pattern you will see in a person. Some call it flakey to put a label on it, but my point in all this is if a person cannot commit and stick with simple things like that, are they really going to keep their word to themselves about exercise or nutrition. Are they going to stick with a plan or fail?

If you find yourself getting pissed at me for saying this, taking it personal and feeling a bit offended then maybe you need to look at your patterns. This is not about judging you or anyone, but if you want success in things, especially health, then being solid with at least yourself will be the only way to succeed in your goals. Fine if you do not feel you would like or can be this way in life in general, this blog is not about social interaction as much as fitness but hey if you find your relationships, work and social life has a few areas you can improve try showing a bit more integrity on your part then all the power to you! I hope you can be honest enough to look at yourself and recognized this. It's not like we have not all said we would do something and failed to do it…..the call, the diet modifications, whatever it is. If you decide on something and decide you will stick with it and have integrity no matter what, you may begin to see some success in your attempts at things in life especially fitness. You can say with ego 'no, that’s not me', but denial then means more failure. If you cannot recognized what needs improvement toward achieving your success, welcome to the insanity wheel. Doing the same thing over and getting the same results you keep complaining about……

I only harp on this because I see it as one of the main sticky points with people who can't seem to nail down the results they want and then when looking at their behavior, lifestyle… really normally is a pattern in all areas of their lives. Of course my concern with them is the fitness area but I have seen clients I work with actually improve on their overall integrity because they started to get stronger in it with their fitness life. That is so awesome!  Its also how I go into it and succeed with my fitness goals every time, if I know I can't commit I won't but then I know I can't complain about what my body is showing me.

Now this does not mean stress yourself to stick to your word, do things you do not like and force it. It means think carefully and if you commit, make sure you mean it, you are ready for the effort and to be open toward new ideas so maybe the formulas need to be changed as you go if some don't work but that is not failure, that is integrity, you keep on and try something else. Your Fitness journey should be fun and enjoyable, not stressful and dramatic. So within this integrity you find balance. Don't say anything you don't mean or are not sure you will stick with, not in your head to yourself or anyone else if you really want to work on self-improvement overall. Once you do decide to commit and have integrity with yourself the rest seems to fall into place nicely. You will be open to receive inspiration toward what your next steps are, comfortable ways to get your goals accomplished and able to adjust them as needed if you find its not fitting well. If you put in the effort and try, and fail, that does not mean you lack integrity, THAT is integrity. If you put in some effort, try a lil and give up, get frustrated or not follow through, not seek other ideas to keep moving forward and just walk away or ignore things it usually haunts you going forward and spills into the next situations or areas of your life. You just won't feel great. If you try and fail and look for another way and try again…….that may not feel great at the fail point.   It's the ability to focus on your commitment to keep trying other things, find a way for fitness to fit then those failures were actually just steps, not only toward your fitness goals but toward improving who you are in general. You are breeding integrity within you and will notice that habit come to play in all your life interactions, and watch the blossoming of fun while everything and everyone you touch turns to gold!

Some have great integrity in general except with themselves, the caregiver. Put yourself last every time, adjust your life for others benefit. You also need to find balance there and realize you are useless to help anyone if you are not practicing the wellness priority for yourself. If you are healthy with a balanced exercise and eating habit you feel good emotionally, physically and mentally so wow are you ever a force who can lift everyone. You caregivers, show yourself a bit of that same integrity you give others. If you care about you, others will care too and your wellness will inspire others, imagine how great it is to be told by someone that they accomplished a few things because of the example you set? Can you now see how all this ties together with a fitness lifestyle? Exercise & Nutrition just becomes part who you are what you do, all playing off each other in your life, one area helps to improve the other and so on. That is the wheel you want to get on! So let's go……as we ease into tomorrow's post about mental pump, positive perspective, worthiness and faith in your ability so that you have no fear to try. Go in determined but soften any negatives that crop up.

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