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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Awaken The Athlete What and How to Eat?

If you can look at food in a few ways you can really have fun with the benefits and pleasures it can bring.  Food can be a treat, the taste, texture and fun of cooking (for those who enjoy that part) is all superficial benefits of enjoyment and awesome aspects of food.  The social and career aspects of food can all be very exciting.  We need to refocus the 'enemy' attitude toward fitness, nutrition AND our body, to something more positive which will give you better chances at success.

Food looked at as chemicals, nutrients and science can also be of great benefit.  The clarity of a more well rounded understanding can catapult you into a confidence with your health and fitness that eliminates frustration, that feeling of being out of control, lost when it comes to this important part of your daily life.
You have no choice but to deal with eating, it’s a necessity.  The best option is to have fun with this, enjoy that part of your daily life and use it to your advantage all day everyday.  You will hear opposing info, changing data and new study findings all the time when it comes to diet and food but its safest to take it all in with a grain of salt.

Nutrients are pertinent as needed, specific to each individual.  Being in touch with the posts I wrote up until this point will help you understand what I am talking about at a deeper level.  You want to read nutrition info and keep up to date with the science but not to overwhelm yourself and turn you off.  Some things will apply and some are just good to know that could come into play later on.  You are an empty encyclopedia filling in the pages as you live, with some subjects covering a few volumes!  Some of the ideas you learn will become second nature to you and some may already be, the rest is more learning and expanding.

Learning about food benefits, their personal nutrient factors, new science about them, and experimenting new foods, recipes, ethnic takes on foods are the best ways to get your own beat on point.  Many times its not all about flavor profile, there is a lot of science tied to flavor, color, what grows where and who uses what types of foods focused to their part of the world.

Mind and Emotion
I always believe in seeking solutions through fitness and nutrition.  But sometimes I forget, put up with things and don't look at my intake or food solutions because I get used to putting it off as Im moving about into the things that hold 'priority' in my day.  Exactly what I tell people not to do!  For example, I am prone to frequent aura migraines and know how to prevent that but until one comes on and debilitates me I ignore the signs before hand when I can just take in extra magnesium to prevent it.  So then it comes on, Advil to the rescue, and I am grateful for that but had I been on balance I could have skipped it all.  We go through the day with aches, kinda notice them but just ignore it until its too loud to ignore.  Some of us do not even realize you can maybe fix or prevent that with your diet.  Time goes on, you suffer or get worse.  What I want to do is see if we can get you aware earlier on and reassure you that you can do something trying changes in diet first.

Catching it is the key.  Do the best you can, over time I noticed I get better at it and so will you. Now I look at some of the basics as soon as I am aware, usually the culprit for me is 'not enough water'. So Simple yet so impactful.

That alone makes such a difference to all my body functions.  Mental and emotional, motivation, positivity are also hugely affected by what we eat and regular exercise... but getting on the eating right and exercise track if you are in the low place can be hard to catch on to.  If you can jump that gap the rest of it flows, the chemicals do their thing.
As I had referred to in the Edge Effect book, food really can affect your mood, your drive.  Sounds logical and most of us know this but we don't really take it as seriously as we should.  I was amazed at the immediate difference in my emotional state when I increased my gaba intake in mild easy ways. and this was during a time I was exposed to a load of external stresses classified as 'extreme'.
My bodies response to the gaba was likened to what people describe when they are given drugs to balance them and it works for them.  Sometimes we are there so long we don't realize that is not a normal state and that there is better, so you live complacent.  For me, a few extra walks, walnuts and spinach was one of the many easy solutions to increase my gaba balance.  I did get some gaba tablets when I was not eating right, and there were even more easy ideas I could have applied.

There are multiple choices for your multiple personal health needs.  There are many great foods that heal some, yet can kill others.  My body loves nuts, yours may be allergic and it will die exposed to nuts.  Can I drill enough how individual everything is???  No, and I do it to keep you all on the lower end of frustrating yourself.

I am not going to write a book here with lists of foods, their benefits and each situation where it may apply but what I will do is tell you what to look for and how to apply it to you.  Some direction toward what you may want to look at when making choices and tools that work for you.  Of all the listed below, I have highlighted the ones you may want to learn about that are simpler and safer, fitting a variety of personalities.  No bad or good, just what I found are the most generally effective.  I added links so that you can click the diet to direct you to basic details but do not hesitate to search beyond those pages further into each subject that interests you.

Phytochemical dominant diet, plant based diets (flexitarian, ornish, Asian, anti inflammatory, macrobiotic), colors of food or chakra based diet, gluten free, wheat free, raw, vegetarian variations.

Diet types - food combining diet and alkaline diet, separation or Hay diet (colon health specific), Intermittent Fasting (less meals per day), frequent eating,  body type diet (mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph), Hyper and Hypo caloric diets which are basically low cal (900-1200cals per day) or higher cal (2500+ per day) diets.

Proteins - high protein diets, paleo, Atkins.  Theres a ton of info you can search online for these.

Carb focused diets of simple or complex and best choices for you.

Fats - fat based dieting like atkins or efa focused.   High in nuts, fish, butter, pure fats close to nature but in higher amounts of 30% or more of the diet, to train the body to depend on fats for energy and also for health issues.

Salt, salt load and deplete - I say don't mess with this, try for a natural balance unless you are on restrictive.  We need sodium, its a mineral, we need a balance of minerals on the norm.

Fad diets - lemon or master cleanse diet, cabbage diet, banana diet, liquid diets, Mediterranean diet, French girl diet, grapefruit diet, diabetic diet, plus of course the system type diets such as weight watchers, jenny craig, nutrisystem and the list goes on.  You can search all of these online.  The French Girl and Mediterranean diets are prob the least risk of the bunch.

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