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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Treadmill Pullups April '30 Day Sculpt' Day 12 & Review

Starting on April 1, I have been posting one new sculpting exercise per day. These are to help those who want to be figure or bikini competitors, or those who simply want to look like it.
If you can get up to the highest reps / weights that I suggest - you will probably be looking pretty darn good by then! If you missed the previous week's worth of exercises, here they are all at once!

We're starting with Day 6 and Day 12 is at the end! New exercise for the day is Treadmill Pullups!

Day 6 Spider Pushups
Change up and challenge your push-ups, add two elbow touches and see how much more intense a push-up can get just when you think you got them mastered!
Women competitors in fitness should do these for sure!
Beginner ladies can do these on their knees, no need to be excluded!

Day 7 Single Leg Butt Lift
Starting in a bridge you raise from there, do not drop under bridge much, its more about up! Squeeeeeze!!
Ham glute tie benefits greatly here.
Do these for timed reps, high reps

Day 8 Cross Country
These can be done on a tile or wood floor with paper towels under runners.
Burn more fat by speeding up, using this in between weight training exercises for more fat burning.
Do these for timed reps.

Day 9 Ball Side Delt
Lean the ball, hug with knees, engage core, and lift.
Higher weight and less reps for size, lighter weight higher reps for cut.

Day 10 Seated Pullups
Feet can be closer for beginner and out on heels for advanced.
work up 1-4 sets of 8-45
Try not to scrunch neck, keep chest up.

Day 11 Dead Bug
This is just a cool ab exercises, challenging the whole abdominal wall!

Horizontal Wide Pull Ups (Treadmill Pull Ups)
Use these amidst your treadmill cardio and circuit in some agility and muscle work.
Take this wide, a great way to get to pullups progressively.
1 or more sets of or more, go for higher reps to get stronger but take it to an advanced level once you can get higher reps, like vertical pullups even if spotted.

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