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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Starting Contest Prep

So I am starting my diet soon, this week, the progressive lean down which will progress as needed.
I am doing this on a lacto ovo pescatarian diet meaning I will eat very limited fish, some eggs/egg whites, and probably high protein dairy. I may have to use my juicer for some produce options as my appetite can vary so I have become creative on how to get my nutrients in.
I just need to diet comfortably and not aggravate any issue, I cannot suffer through the next 3 months in agony or pain with ibs so I look forward to going back to some old dieting ways but improved! I have new options now than I did years ago and now that I know what pisses my system off I can diet without constant headaches and intestinal distress.

Routine practice started with some fluffly walkthrough by pacing out my timing but no full on moves and yet I got sweat! I am ready to start doing the routine full on with no music to teach my body what I expect then start to push it to music once I can speed up the moves. I also like to do blocks with music so if I lose time I resume where I can getting a block in as I can. Memory is all part of it too but my routine is familiar, the moves are ones I am strong with........just have to polish transitions and maybe fill in some small small gaps.

I am so excited with my theme cuz its familiar, everyone will know it and remember the girl who did..XXXX...shhh not telling yet. Also I love the music and feel, I love the moves as they look strong and confident, my body knows them and does them well so I won't be stressing over new moves to nail or worried about familiarity as it will come fast- I usually try to push myself more with some new move that I kill myself over but I just want to do this smoothly, make an impression and get a strong win.
Creativity is strong here, it is a memorable theme and my moves will be memorable, a few of them always get oohs and aaahs. I brought back a few from recently and a few from the old days.

Training will be kicked up now and here we go! I have all the pieces and now to put them all together. A blend of exercises, plyos, skills, drills, aerobic, anaerobic, balance, agility, speed, strength, flexibility!

My suit is under construction as is my routine costume with AMY at Suits By Amy She is sponsoring me my bikini and I going to purchase my routine costume from her as well! She has the best stuff. NO details though, you have to wait and see!


1 comment:

  1. If your bikini and costume are anything like the ones you used in your last competition, I'm sure you'll be a knock-out!!

    Woot!! So excited to follow your contest prep again :)