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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Single Leg Ball Ham Curl April '30 Day Sculpt' Day 19 & Review

Starting on April 1, I have been posting one exercise per day. These are to help those who want to be figure or bikini competitors or those who simply want to look like one. If you can get up to the highest reps / weights that I suggest - you will probably be looking pretty darn good by then! If you missed the previous week's worth of exercises, here they are all at once!We're starting with Day 13 and Day 19 is at the end! New exercise for the day is a Glutes!

Day 13 Heel Prints
Target and shape your gluted with this butt exercise using weights for muscle and working up the reps to 500 per leg with weights up to 20 lb per ankle.
Can you say 'bowling ball butt?"
1 or more sets

Day 14 Slide Climbers
You can use paper towels under shoes on tile or wood surface.

Take the regular old Mountain Climbers to the next level and really get your thighs and glutes firing with all guns when you do this, adjusting speed for fat burning.

Do these for timed reps.

Try not to scrunch neck, keep chest up.

Day 15 Band Curl to Overhead (Palm In)

Curl and raise overhead keeping palms facing you.

Day 16 Overhand Horizontal Chin.
Feet can be closer for beginner and out on heels for advanced. These chin ups hit the forearms more.
Work up 1-4 sets of 8-100.
Try not to scrunch neck, keep chest up.

Day 17 DB Reach Crunch
Work for high reps using heavy DBs to reach for toes, work for straight legs and toes down.

Day 18 Ball Backstroke
Open the chest, work the shoulders and core.
Work for full range, very light weight.
Try not to scrunch neck, keep chest up, soft elbows but not bent.
Arms are forward of shoulder, they should be able to meet at bottom not hit legs.

Day 19 Single Leg Hamball Curl
Hamstring curls taken to the next level and done at home on a ball but to challenge yourself use only 1 leg.
3-4 sets 20-100 using higher reps to cut and burn fat, great for leaning and conditioning.

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